Chase Bryant

I debated even “writing” this review because to be honest, I don’t really remember the concert. It was a Saturday & I was trying to get my drink on, hence why I don’t remember much. The concert was at The Grizzly Rose – which to my surprise was a pretty large venue. The inside was beautiful, most of the furnishings made of wood, with a huge dance floor in front of the stage.

We saw the opener, Jake Dodds, who we kept trying to get to flirt with one of my new friends (that I met while waiting in line). I believe he kept giving us the *flirtatious* eyes.

Eventually Chase came out & I barely remember any part of his set (oops, lol). I did get a couple videos SO ENJOY. Just disappointed because I either didn’t see the only song I knew (Little Bit of You) OR just don’t remember. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this one, but I do know that I had LOADS of fun & did a little line dancing too (which definitely isn’t my preferred style of dancing).

So I’d give this review a 2 out of 10. Sorry, I suck.

One thing I can definitely say is that I didn’t have post concert depression…

The next morning, The Post Concert Hangover set in…

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