Tyler Rich & Tyler Dial

aye peoples – so this post is about the tyler’s. I want to first shout out BBVA & AXS for putting on this free event at the Skyline Beer Garden in downtown Denver. It was such a cute little outdoor beer garden & was a great afternoon to enjoy some free live music.

Moving to Denver from Nashville, I’ve become keen to the country music scene. I saw Tyler Rich host his own night of Whiskey Jam (which is ICONIC & something you have to do if you visit Nashville – but during the weekday) & was blown away by him. I then have said since then that he is going to blow up. He is, for lack of a better term, amazing (if you read my blog, I am so super descriptive *sarcasm*). LOL. Okay moving on. If we’re being honest here, I’ve always supported Tyler BUT have slacked in actually downloading & keeping up with his music. UNTIL, he released The Difference.

(I also was late to work b/c I stayed to hear this song – oops)

This song is such a sappy love song about loving someone (probs his supes hot fiance). Tyler has a grit in his voice that I’m not quite able to compare to anyone else (granted, I’m not too familiar with older – I’m a bro country fan, if you will). If you’re not hip to him already, YA SHOULD BE.

He also performed a new song influenced by his fiance. I never got confirmation on the name of the song but I believe it’s called Leave Her Wild. It’s about accepting the person you’re with & letting them be them. Don’t try to change them. Let them do their thing. Have their independence. At least that’s what I took/take from the song. PLEASE, if anything, you have to watch this video & listen to the song. I hope once it’s released, its a bop & all over country radio (Bobby Bones, I’m looking at you).

His EP comes out this Friday (9/21/18), so go check it out, y’all.

Now time to talk about Tyler Dial. Before this show, I had never heard of him, but I sure as hell do now & have nothing but great things to say about him. He gave me more old school country vibes (okay, I may know soooooooomething but not much). There was also a point in the show where he went out into the beer garden, hopped up on the table & got involved with the crowd. WISHHH I had a video but I was too into the moment. However, thanks to the man himself, Tyler sent me this video so ENJOY!

P.s. he just released an EP as well and I got it downloaded to jam, you should too.

And to finish it off, I’m still dealing with that PCD, so hope to see these men’s sooner rather than later…

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