10 Tips to Get Over Your PCD

For those of you like me, you experience post concert depression fairly often. I’m here to try to help you relieve that PCD. I’ve put together a list of things you can do to try to relieve that depression & clear your mind. Enjoy!

ONE: Plan your next concert

It’s always a good idea to get your mind off the last concert by making plans for your next one. Then you have something on the calendar to look forward to

TWO: Reminisce on the night with friends or others who attended the concert

Internet friends: UNITE! You can always just keep talking about the night with the friend(s) you attended the concert with. It can keep you smiling & remembering the best parts of the night. If you went alone, find some friends on social media who went to the concert. Always a good outlet to relive the night of your life.

THREE: Take a relaxing bubble bath && light some candles

I absolutely love taking baths. It’s so peaceful, especially to be away from your phone && have that time to yourself. Relaxes your mind.

FOUR: Get outside

Enjoy nature & some fresh air. Don’t take your phone. Again, it’s so peaceful to not constantly be checking your phone or waiting or expecting a call, text, email, tweet, etc. HOWEVER, if you want to bring it, I always go for a walk & listen to some podcasts. Some recommendations:

  • Serial
  • Guys we f*cked
  • My favorite murder
  • Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley
  • Off the Vine or Grape Therapy
  • STown
  • Almost Famous

–sorry, most of these are crime or Bachelor related, as that is what I enjoy–

FIVE: Go to the gym

Although I refuse to pay for a gym membership, when I do go to the gym, it feels good to work on yourself & get your mind off being depressed about the concert being over. Run on the treadmill (or walk, if that’s your style). Bench press. Lift weights. Ya know, the typical shit you do at the gym. WHATEVER FLOATS YA BOAT. Just get moving – it’ll help (I HOPE!)

SIX: Do some yoga

If yoga is your thing, such a more calming workout than the high intense stuff you would typically do at the gym. I, again, do not pay for a membership so I usually will find a yoga video on YouTube to follow along with.

SEVEN: Meditate

Just take 5 minutes to yourself with NO DISTRACTIONS. Completely clear your mind & just take deep breaths in & out. Can also calm you down if you’re having anxiety.

EIGHT: Go for a drive & BLAST your music

You know what always feels great, especially on a nice day, is putting on your favorite song or artist, rolling your windows down & going for a drive. I always love doing this because I secretly think I enjoy rocking out in my car & letting my neighbors on the road enjoy the show.

NINE: Hit up the spa

Get a massage, your nails did, OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT. It’s always nice to treat yo’ self.

TEN: Binge a show on Netflix

Nothing like starting a new & FABULOUS show on Netflix to distract your from your post concert blues. It will get you excited about something else. Recs below:

  • New Girl
  • The Good Place
  • Stranger Things
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother

I’ve also been told to watch The OA & 13 reasons why but haven’t gotten around to it. But suggesting anyways.

So there you have it, folks. Hopefully this will help relieve that PCD lyfe. Feel free to comment your own suggestions as well!

Tips for Finding Tickets to Sold Out Concerts

The past couple weeks I’ve missed out on going to Kygo, Hayley Kiyoko, & Post Malone because the concert was sold out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tickets cheap enough through my tips below to be able to go. HOWEVER, if I’m determined, I’d like to say I’m pretty good at finding tickets to sold out concerts. I’m going to give some helpful tips on how to try to track down a last minute ticket if the show is sold out WITHOUT having to splurge – most of the times being able to negotiate with the seller to pay less than face value. BOOM! You just saved yo’self some dolla bills, y’all.


My absolute FAVORITE place to search for tickets is Twitter. The great thing about Twitter is they have a search bar & you can literally search for any keyword or keywords to find tweets from people who would be selling a ticket or tickets to a show. For instance, if I were to try to search for tickets to Kygo, some things I would search are:

  • “Kygo ticket”
  • “Kygo tickets”
  • “Kygo tix”
  • “Kygo [concert venue]”
  • “Kygo [date the show is]”
  • “Kygo [city show is in]”

Also, if its the day of the show you could search “Kygo tonight.”

If you attempt this way, be sure to vet the seller first to make sure they have a ticket & are not trying to scam you. I would ask them to send you proof of the ticket & either meet them in person to get the ticket -OR- most ticket sites can let you transfer the ticket electronically. In the past when I have done this, I have also paid through Venmo to get the ticket transferred to me. I prefer a physical ticket so that you can meet them & make sure once you pay them you will get the ticket. Just make sure to be careful just so you don’t get scammed. HOWEVER, I trust this method way more than going & finding a scalper selling tickets.

I’m sure if you go to concerts often, you are aware of StubHub – it’s a website where people can resell their tickets to a specific show or event. It’s not just for concerts but that’s what I use it for. However, I will say that if there is a super high demand for tickets, StubHub would not be the place I would suggest. However, the great thing about utilizing this site is that they have a fan protected guarantee on tickets. This means that if you buy a ticket that is fake, StubHub guarantees to replace it with an actual ticket to ensure that you were not scammed out of your money & then still left without a ticket to the show (read more here). I’s genius & superb customer service. I found my ticket for Camila Cabello on there for $15 – it was quite magical. When looking for Post Malone tickets, though, people were reselling their tickets for around $150 (which is INSANE). I believe the base value was at least half of that. I unfortunately couldn’t afford that in this situation so had to miss out on the concert. It’s definitely hit or miss but sometimes if you wait until after doors open or the show begins, the ticket prices may drop so good to keep an eye out for that.

I’m not going to write too much about Craigslist – would give the same suggestions I would for StubHub to be careful & make sure to assess to legitimacy of someone selling a ticket. I will say that there are a lot of random resale ticket sites that post on craigslist & I never trust those. I would find an actual person selling tickets that you can meet in person to swap $$ & the ticket(s).

  • Artists Facebook page

Along the same lines of Twitter, I’ve sometimes found that if you go to the artist’s Facebook page & go look at the visitor posts, there may be some people trying to sell tickets.

This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve discovered recently. Lyte is a website that ONLY sells tickets for sold out shows. Fans who want to resell their ticket can do so on Lyte & fans wanting to go to the show can purchase the ticket (as if the ticket is already yours) and if tickets open up right before the show begins, they automatically get sent to your email & BAM – you are going to the show! This is super last minute so if you try this, you’ll have to be prepared as if you’re already going to the show. I did this for Dua Lipa in Nashville before I moved to Denver & got my ticket (I believe) around an hour or so before the doors opened. No guarantee & they don’t have every single concert but if you check out their site, there’s a possibility they will have the show you’re looking for.

  • Check the artists social media

Okay – I’ve noticed for some shows that if you pay attention to the artist’s social media, there are times they may give away tickets to a show (this includes the openers!). Make sure you pay attention to all social media for a chance to win tickets. Suggestion to turn on their notifications for Instagram & Twitter so you make sure not to miss a possible opportunity for a ticket or tickets!

  • Check local radio stations for last minute ticket giveaways

Same as for the artist suggestion above but for local radio stations. Just make sure you know what they are!

  • Ask the Artist

This is pretty straight forward but you can always try reaching out to the artist directly (tweeting or sliding into the DMs) or maybe finding out who their manager or management is & asking them for a ticket. This is definitely a LONG SHOT but it doesn’t hurt to just be bold & ask. You never know if they’ll see it & want to help you out.


That’s all for now, folks. BUT another tidbit is if you’re trying to negotiate your price with an individual seller, definitely start lower than the price point you actually are willing to pay so hopefully they will meet you in the middle.


**Please note, I am in no way responsible if you get scammed by trying one of these methods BUT, if you have any questions or want help, feel free to reach out**

Tyler Dial

Ohhhhhhhhhh hey. Welcome to my first official ARTIST INTERVIEW. I’m not sure why I didn’t think to add this to the blog sooner, but God bless Tyler for being persistent and giving me the idea. You da bomb.com. I recently saw him play a show in Denver (if you didn’t already, check out the write up on the show here) & we got to talking about a little Q&A. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do one in person (besides a lovely insta story below)

if you want to know a little more about Tyler, ch ch check it out. Let’s just dive right in…

Tell meh about your first initial start in the music industry & how you got to where you are today.

“Well I had a dad that was a tour promoter so I was always around it. He had guitars lying around the house and always encouraged me to play. Around 7th grade, I started learning John Mayer and Keith Urban covers on youtube. By high school, I was writing songs every night. I spent most of my weekends in college playing on 6th street and tailgates while going to the University of Texas. I’ve been in Nashville for the last year and a half writing full time and I can’t wait to put out music from this period in my life.”

How do you continue to push through towards your goals in music when you may hit a bump in the road or get told “no”?

“When I get told no, it’s easy to get down on myself until I look back on each year and realize how far I have come!”

I find it hard to self-motivate, what helps you stay grounded to set your schedule to write/continue to make music?

“Totally! I surround myself with friends and roommates who make music. I have a little bit of a competitive spirit in me so I’m always trying to push myself because my friends are. I also have a manager and a team who keep me busy!”

What was your draw of wanting to be a country artist versus any other genre? (I think it may be that deep southern voice, but that’s just a guess)

“Ha! My dad is from Texas and his clients were mainly country artists. I’m definitely influenced by all kinds of music but country was always going to be my path.”

I’m not sure your situation in the industry (label, how that works with songwriting etc) but do you find that you still have creative control when it comes to making and writing your own music?

“I own all my music as an independent artist so yes I do! Sometimes my team and trusted friends encourage me to try different things.”

What is your ritual (if you have one) for getting in the zone when writing a song? Where do you find your inspiration?

“Exercise before always helps clear my mind. Learning cover songs also help a lot because you’re basically diving headfirst into a song, figuring out what you like and don’t like about it and why it works.”

I’ve always been one that is drawn to songs or artists that do not sound the same as the current “Top Hits” or songs on the radio & I have heard from other artists that when songwriting, they’ve been told to pull that inspiration from what those top songs are. Do you have any experience with this & how do you work to make yourself stand out from the rest?

“To be honest I’m not that big into the top hits! I love listening to the Nashville independent radio station. I also draw inspiration from songs my cowriters and producers show me. I don’t make that conscious of an effort to stand out.”

I saw on your Spotify bio you got to open for Migos – I’m very curious as to what this experience was like for you and how it came about. Follow up: would you ever considering doing a county/hip hop collab and if so, with who? (I think this would be dope, btw)

“Haha that was a crazy night! I was opening for them at a fraternity party during college. They missed their flight and were super late to the show so we all had to stall. I would love to do a country/hip hop collab. I actually have a song called Damn Good Time that has a rap bridge. I think it’d be cool to do one with someone like Post Malone  or Travis Scott.”

I am ALLLLL for a Post Malone collab, BTW.

What is your favorite place/city to perform in?

“Austin, TX! We have such a big fan base there but Denver was awesome as well.”

What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written and why?

“It’s always the last one I wrote! I have one called “Left of Center” that I’m really excited to record soon.”

A passion of mine is being a professional “concert-goer” – do you enjoy attending live shows & who is your favorite artist that you have seen live?

“Yes!! Wow what a tough question. I went to a Chris Stapleton show 2 weeks before his big break with Justin Timberlake. There was one hundred people there and it was EPIC.”

Who is the one person you’ve met that you were completely star struck over?

“Garth Brooks”

LASTLY, I just wanna say I’m sad you didn’t dance on any tables this time around in Denver.

“Hahaha there weren’t many tables nearby!”

Want to see Tyler dance on a table, check out it out HEYAH (Mom, that is my lame-o slang for here, if you’re confused). Yes my mom reads my blog & just had to clarify cause she f’sho wouldn’t know what that meant, lol.

Well that’s a wrap. If anyone, anyone at all has any questions for da man, Tyler, just drop them in the comments.


*photo of Tyler & I after da show*

Welp, now I have post interview depression (a new term?). Probably a flop. Anywhoozle, until next time….

The Downside of Being a Fangirl

I was 12 shots deep (approx).

I was hot.

I was front row.

I was with my friends.

I was enjoying the music.

Until I wasn’t…

Imagine having to get pulled out of front row at a concert from heat, dehydration & the anxiety felt through all of the above. I’ve always had a love for concerts & music but it really started to escalate when my friend introduced me to Timeflies spring of my sophomore year of college. It was an obsession at first listen, playing their song Stunner (acoustic) more times than I could count when we went on spring break that year. I. Could. Not. Get. Enough. The excitement of them releasing a “Timeflies Tuesday” on YouTube every week. The excitement of getting to see them live for the first time (for free & front row, yuuuus please). The excitement of meeting them for the first time & then eventually building what I call a “fanship” with them as they started to get to know us as fans on a more intimate level than just going to their shows.

The one thing I didn’t expect from the excitement of following a band around was the anxiety I started having. Once I started to get deeper & deeper into the fandom, I became part of a Timeflies fan Facebook group (where I met some of my best friends to this day) & got to meet so many people from all over who also shared that same love. We would all tweet each other our thoughts about the band as well. Meeting strangers through the internet…who would’ve thunk (it’s less sketch than you would think, but be careful yo, you never know who you may come across).

The fangirling became escalated when I would go to show after show with the fans/friends I had met through the internets. We would try to get there as early as possible, trying to compete with each other of who could get to the venue first (how silly). Here I was sitting at the venue, waiting for the doors to open, counting down the minutes until the doors open, worrying about getting my ticket scanned fast enough so that we could “walk” to the front row to secure our spot. Even if we were the first people in line, I still for some reason thought we weren’t going to make it or my ticket wasn’t going to scan or we were going to be held back or SOMETHING. I was always just worrying.

This, in turn, caused me to have anxiety. The build up of waiting all day just caused that weird panic you get when you experience anxiety. Why was I so in my head back then that I just worried about every little thing? There are still times to this day that when I am close to a speaker, at a concert, or at church during worship that I get a tightened chest just from PTSD of being front row at so many concerts. It’s a weird feeling & I try to just be mindful, let myself feel the anxiety, & know that it will pass eventually.

To any other fangirl, fanboy, concert goer, music lover, etc: let the small shit go. It will all work out how it’s supposed to. You will get the spot at the concert you want. You will get into the venue. You will most likely have a good time. & if it doesn’t go how you wanted, set lower expectations next time. Just ENJOY LIFE. Life is too short to worry & be anxious. Whatever happens, happens…

Matt Stell & Tyler Dial

FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS. We’re back & gonna give you a good ole review of a countrayyyy concert (woo!). Want to first start by thanking BBVA for putting on a FREE mo’freakin concert cause FREE CONCERTS ARE WHERE IT’S AT, am i right or am i right?

I was super pumped to hear about this show because I got the lovely pleasure of being introduced to Tyler Dial the last time he was here (with BBVA as well – brand ambassador, what upppp). He impressed me so much the first time, had to go back for seconds (why am I talking about him as if he a snack? haaaaaa).

Okay MOVING ON. My anticipation was at an all time high for this show because I (& most of the country world at the moment) am obsessed with Matt Stell’s #1 Hit “Prayed For You.” It just hits you in all the feels & I was so excited to hear it live. He was just an added bonus of getting to see Tyler again!

Concert time arrives & my friends & I enter da venue, get our super official laminates/credentials because it was a private, RSVP only event (it sounds bougier than it was, but ya know, it’s called enhancing the truth). We head on downstairs where the concert awaits. Me, the concert nerd that I am, immediately clock Tyler chin chillin in a booth with his guitar player. But then here I am, nervy AF but thankfully he comes walking right out, only for us to bump into each other & me to introduce myself.

We eventually find our way towards the stage, awaiting Tyler to start his set. Lucky for us, he gave us some insight into some of his new music that he’s been working on. I always find it awesome to hear a song live before an artist actually releases it. Makes me feel special & being able to experience that before anyone else just has a special place in my heart. My absolute favorite part of his set list, though, was his newest release, “About Last Night,” where crowd interaction was involved (heyyyyyyyyyyyy HEYYYYY, alright ALRIIIIIGHT – just watch the video below if reading it doesn’t satisfy your desires). I, as a fan, failed to have listened to this song before but it is for sure my new favorite. He also threw out Tshirts that said “about last night” on them & myself & another girl caught it at the same time. She gave it up pretty quickly though, soooooo I scored on that front.

He also performed “Repaint” which I think highlights that country twang side of his voice & is one of my favorite songs of his. VIDEO BELOW.

I really want to touch on one of the last songs he performed called “Damn Denver” (because HELLO IT’S GOT MY CITY’S NAME IN IT). Not sure why but I always take much pride in representing places I live or have lived. Anyways, he starts out by telling us how he wrote it about a girl he used to date who moved to Denver & that it didn’t end up working out for them (at least I don’t think so but the song lyrics seem to point to that). He talks about how Denver “made her dream up a mile high” (UM CATCHY PLAY ON WORDS, TYLER, I LURVE IT) & how he couldn’t compete with such a beautiful city (you right, Tyler, Denver is BEAUTIFUL). The song just has good catchy vibes for the “heartbreak-ness” tone of the song. Y’ALL, it comes out in the spring so BE ON THE LOOKOUT. If you can’t wait that long (because neither can I, I’ve got a short clip below for your viewing pleasure)

Wowza, I typically never write that much about the opening act but obviously I enjoy his music & had a lot to say, OKAY.

The great thing about this private event, though, is that it wasn’t like a typical concert where you have to wait at least 30 minutes for the next artist. 15 minutes flew by and Matt Stell came roaring on out to the stage (with his dope ass band btw – one with a silver sparkly guitar and another with a fro. I was into it, f’sho). First impression: he was a lot taller than I was expecting him to be. Though I couldn’t tell you most of the names of the songs he played, he had MAD ENERGY the entire time he was playing. He even got so hype I think he kept stepping on his guitar line (I think that’s what it’s called where it connects into your guitar and the amp but…I ain’t no artist so my knowledge of that is lacking lol).

Lots of things to note, though. I was listening to him on Spotify (Spotify > Apple Music, am I right?) before the show & came across a song called “Last Habit” which I am obsesssssed with. I thought I got a video of him performing it, but I guess not (LAMEEE). He also played a song called “Everywhere But On” which is the title of his latest EP. I enjoyed the lyrics of this song as he talks about traveling everywhere and doing everything but moving on (lyric: moving “everywhere but on”). Just a nice play on words, ja feel meh?

He also did a cover of “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande & let me just tell you, HIS VERSION WAS FIRE. A slowed down, acoustic cover & his ability to “adlib” (is that the word for singing really fast?). I’m not sure but he absolutely CRUSHED it.

Matt also OBVIOUSLY, played his banger, banger “Prayed for you” towards the end of the set & my favorite moment was towards the end of the song where he had the crowd sing it back to him (which is still one of the coolest things to experience, I would think, as an artist). It’s hard to put into words, so just see if for yaself below.

After this, Matt left the stage & my mind was, oh show’s done. NOPE, he comes back out for more (which I’m not complaining about at all – but check out my thoughts on encores here). He ended with a cover of a Travis Tritt song & also one of his own songs. Again, couldn’t tell you the name but it was hypeeeeee as hell (wow great content Jess….lol).

Once the show was over, they set up a FREE (there’s that word again) meet and greet with Matt so we obviously had to jump on that. When it came to our turn, I walked up and gave him a big ole hug (hopefully I don’t scare artists when I do this but it seems less personal any other way) & discussed hopefully getting to see him when he comes back in a couple weeks to play the Grizzly Rose (a staple country venue here in Denver). Also, hey Matt, wanna hook me up with tickets? (cc ya manager Cory. P.s. sorry if that’s not how he spells his name). We took our photo & then I ended it with YO CHECK OUT MY BLOG. So Matt, if you find yourself reading this, HEY.


To top off the evening, I also got a photo with Tyler himself & then ended up meeting him & his friends out after for a little. We did a “mini interview” on my Instagram stories but a follow up interview should be to follow (STAY TUNED).


I am on cloud nine right now, but when that PCD hits, man it’s gonna be hard to bear…


Get this – imagine standing on a stage, immersed between / in the mountains, looking up at 9,000 people who paid to come watch YOUR show. Imagine then remembering back to how it all started: street performing in New York City. Busking. Random strangers of the city passing by as if you were nobody. NOW, you are performing for 9,000 people who came to support. To feel the energy. To sing along to every song.

“We made it” is probably the phrase AJR has been saying ever since their song “Weak” flowed through the radio world & sky rocketed as their biggest hit a few years back. But this time, after playing Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO, the words “we made it” probably hit harder than ever. One of the most iconic venues (in my opinion) in the world & AJR sold that bitch out. Hell, it was sold out even before I bought my ticket to go.

I can’t even begin to tell you peepholes (peoples) how INSANE their show was. I’m still in utter and complete AWE of how creative these guys are with every. single. thing that they do. From the production. To the crowd interaction. To the creative thinking that went in to the performance of each song. I wish I could just post a video here of the entire show because honestly, words can’t even being to describe the magnitude / greatness of the show. They had lit up platforms on the stage. A massive screen [what I will refer to as the “big ass screen”] behind them with graphics that were out of this world. A dope ass trumpet player. & let’s not forget their killer dance moves – so nerdy but just AJR vibez for sure.

To start – the lights (obvi) go dark, the crowd goes wiiiiiiild (of course), & all we see is typing on that big ass screen I mentioned above. I don’t remember the exact wording but it went somewhat like: “Hey. Can’t come out yet. Gotta push the show back (awkward pause) fuck it lets start the show” – and the next hour and a half, I blacked out.

JUST KIDDING. Where to start, though. Let’s just rattle off some highlights & hopefully I can convey this to you as great as it was to see live:

First off, on the rocks in the venue, they had “Welcome to the Neotheater” displayed for all to see. I’m not sure if they do this at their other shows in the venues, but it almost felt as if Red Rocks was transformed into the actual Neotheater. I was LIVING for it.

During “The Entertainment’s Here,” Jack was walking on a treadmill (YES, A TREADMILL) on the stage in front of some graphics showing him “walking” through the city. Check the vid below.

They also created a setting during “I’m Not Crazy” that portrayed that of their street performing days in NYC, even having people in their crew walk across the stage and putting “money” in their guitar case. Jack even saying “thank you, man” as if they were still street performing. Made for a funny, lighthearted moment during the set.

There was also a part during the show where Jack & Ryan explained/showed us their creative process when they are making a song (different samples, editing, what sounds they choose & then mixing them up from there). I love when artists do this during a show that explains and gives a background to their thought process during the making of a song. I feel like it’s rare these days to see that & gives the fans a little more insight into them (because the average person has no fckn clue what goes into making a song). I unfortunately didn’t video this part because I was so in the moment.

One of my [second] FAVORITE parts of the show was the segue way leading into their performance of “Come Hang Out.” Jack uses the big ass screen to give the illusion that he is painting. He “paints” two larger versions of himself who he then uses to clap with to create the beat of the song. As I said before, the creativity of their set: MIND BLOWN. If you didn’t watch any of the previous videos, you CANNOT skip this one.

Another part I unfortunately didn’t get a video for was a part in their set where the trumpet player [who killed it, btw] played little snippets of other songs that they didn’t play the fuof during their set [because as Ryan said, they have too many songs these days that they had to pick and choose what to play during the set – sad day because they didn’t do “I’m Not Famous” and I go so hard to that song].

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – the most INCREDIBLE part of the show was the finale. A few songs before their final song, everyone on stage came back out wearing these all black jumpsuits with white lines. I immediately knew – they’re going to blackout the stage and light up themselves. JUST WATCH FOR YOURSELF, PLZ. So magical & the most insane way to end a show.

I first saw these guys play at a venue in Columbus, OH in 2014, at a radio show, to probably less than 100 people. The tiniest of venues. Going from that to seeing them play to 9,000 people at Red Rocks – my heart is just so happy for them. Such genuine, humble dudes, changing the world with their music, one day at a time.

If you get a chance, check them out on the rest of their tour: ajrbrothers.com/tour

Spencer Sutherland

HI FWIENDS. I’m just here to let y’all know about one of my favorite & definitely underrated artists who also KILLS IT live. Also cool to support an artist from ya home – Columbus, OH!

I’ve seen Spencer before but in very different settings & never a headline show (well, duh, because this is his first headline tour…) and I could sit here all day & hype you up about him because he is just THAT good.

I was able to catch Spencer on tour last week in Denver, CO at Globe Hall. First & foremost, the jacket he wore I am dyinggggg to cop one of my own (see below). Hello glitter. Hello glam. Hello FUNTIMES.

I’m sitting here racking my brain as to what Spencer opened with but my mind just cannot remember (hence why I should probably write these things right after the show…epic fail, Jessica). Let me just give you a run down – Spencer gave us some HEAVY vocals throughout the whole set, from his high pitched “That’s my sweater” lyric [which Sweater is an amazing song, btw & omg his voice! Check tha vid belooow] to his runs during “Tell me” to the choir-y chorus in “None of this has been about you” – the entire set was a banger. Not to mention he completely pulled off a version of Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” that had my friend saying his version was better. Hats off to you Spence [I say Spence as if we are buddies…lol]

On another note, he gave us a few acoustic songs & also a remix on one of them going ham on his sound board (giving me AJR vibez, for sure). Different beats. Mixing it up. I always love those little things during a live performance. It adds an extra flair that you can’t really get on just hearing the track. One of my FAVORITE moments during his show, though, was hearing the crowd sing almost EVERY song back to him. I can’t even imagine as an artist to play a show & have the fans sing words that you wrote back to you. What a moment that has to be.

Like I said, I’ve seen Spencer before (pretty sure I was at his first ever live performance, evah – hello WNCI Spring Beats — ANNND I just googled that & it wasn’t but whatevs, it was in the early dayz). I first heard Spencer on the radio in Columbus with his song “Heartstrings” [which I haven’t actually heard in a good minute] & immediately fell in love. I also am a huge supporter of supporting people from where I’m from (TwentyOne Pilots, Walk the Moon – yassss Ohio). He’s always got a way with words & I just cannot get over how insane his vocals are. Would it be even crazy to say I think his are better than….ADAM LEVINE? ANYWHO, going from seeing him perform at a radio gig to playing a small show in Nashville to his headline tour where people are singing his lyrics back to him?! I feel like a proud mom to see the growth in his music career.

Due to my laziness & lack of commitment at the moment to writing these things, Spencer’s tour ends on 8/28 [lol, in 5 days] BUT if for some reason you happen to read this beforehand, catch him on tour [but like, he’ll obvs be around & touring again, OKAY OKAY]:

  • August 23 – BROOKLYN, NY
  • August 24 – CAMBRIDGE, MA
  • August 25 – WASHINGTON DC
  • August 27 – ATLANTA, GA
  • August 28 – NASHVILLE, TN

Tickets here.

I also can’t complete this post without highlighting the amazing openers:


So she’s a local Denver artist & by golly, if she doesn’t blow up I will have a fit. I can’t even explain her voice but it has SO MUCH POWER. I also missed the moment, but she was spittin game / rapping to (I believe) Cardi B & even from outside in the bar area, I was like WOAH WHAT IS HAPPENING. Please watch the video below & you betta not tell me her voice isn’t anything but fiyah.

Justice Carradine

Hate to admit this, but didn’t know who he was before the show (but that’s the beauty of concerts & openers – you get to discover new artists! YAY). He performed his new single “Dangerous Love” & I am feelin’ it I tell you. This kid seems like he on the up & up & I will not be surprised if he is a NAAAAME one day.

See “Dangerous Love” below

&& if you’re a Shawn Mendes fan, this acoustic number he did during his set gives me alllll the Shawn vibes. ENJOY!


Signing off with that PCD, yo.