Drive-In Concerts

An idea, inspired by an event Keith Urban put on for healthcare workers just outside of Nashville recently. Now this is a concept I can get behind.

Just imagine it, we can all enjoy the experience of a live concert, safely inside our vehicles. The stage could be set up just like it would be at a festival, at a drive-in theater location, or even in a random field outside of the city. Put up two screens on either side of the stage, so those who are not close can still see the artist, while the speakers still protrude the voice of the artist, live in the flesh.

It’s not through a screen. It’s not prerecorded. We still get the lights, the instruments, the background vocals, that we would for a live show. Artists could go on tour, safely. They could still make an income. We could get that concert fill.

So…anyone want to start a new concert venue with me?

Are Virtual Concerts the New Normal?

We’re all suffering from no concert depression, am I right?

I fully regret not taking advantages of concerts when they were so readily available to me. Which could be said for a lot of stuff in our world right now. We’re grieving (in a way) what we lost. Is this the new normal?

I’ve only gotten a chance to watch a few virtual concerts and a few things I’ve noticed:

  • They were prerecorded (probably for editing sake)
  • No production (to be expected under the circumstances)
  • Some of them are “from the archives” (so just old videos…..)

These just don’t give me the excitement like I would have if I were going to see an artist live. I’ve had to get used to watching church online, with not having a building to go to. It appears we are going to have to adjust in that same way to experience a concert in our living room. We have to accept it for what it is at the moment, because if we’re being realistic, it will probably be a while until we all can be squished together in a concert venue, getting the true live experience.

I’m very intrigued to see how creative artists will get when it comes to doing a “show.” Will they still do a production like they would if they were touring? Would there be concerts specials on big television networks? What if they were broadcast like an awards show is?

I’m also wondering what live streaming service could handle a large amount of people watching? Hulu live? Netflix live? YouTube live? Could Spotify create a livestream platform for artists to do virtual concerts?


So for now, I guess I can suggest: watch old concert videos, music videos, listen to new music being released. There are also some music platforms doing “virtual concerts” (Live Nation is doing a “Live at Home” series & IHeartRadio is doing a “Living Room Concert” series). We have to take what we can get & adjust to take in whatever we are able to get, for now….

Soon enough we will be back to only suffering from the post (actual) concert depression….

How Will Coronavirus Impact the Concert Scene?

Is anyone else really bummed their escape from their day to day life of attending a concert is indefinitely postponed? The live music industry has severely taken a hit due to coronavirus & I’m absolutely devastated that there’s no solid return date for when concerts will be happening again.

I have seen artists hosting virtual concerts but tbh, I haven’t had any interest in that because it’s just not the same. A concert experience for me allows me to be present & in the moment. If close enough to the stage, we have the opportunity for the person up there to look us in the eye, point at us, NOTICE us. We don’t get that capability through a computer screen.

My mind is racing as to how concerts are going to be run or what it will be like to attend a concert in the future. 99.9% of the concerts we attend, you have absolutely no personal space. Are people going to be too scared to be in that close proximity to other people considering we’ve been social distancing for 2 months now? Are people going to be required to wear masks to any show they attend? Are venues going to limit the amount of people that can attend (even under capacity) to allow people to social distance?

I’m trying to rack my brain around what solutions there may even be for this. Anyone else a little perplexed too? What will concerts look like in the future?I regret not taking advantage of a live show when we had the opportunity. I would decide not to attend, even if I wanted to, because I didn’t want to spend the money or because I just didn’t “feel like it.” GUYS, we have to start living in the NOW. Taking advantage of the things we want to do WHEN we want to do them. No one EVER thought the opportunity to go to a concert would be taken away…

If you have feelings, or solutions, or questions, go on, leave a comment below.

Tips For Attending Bonnaroo

ROOOOOOOOO. This is probably one of my favorite music experiences I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Music festivals are where it’s at, yo.

The first year I got to go to Bonnaroo was in 2016 – I had won a day trip (thanks do615) from Nashville to attend one day of the festival. We got to take a bus that dropped us off and picked us up. All the drinking to be had, with no worries about sleeping in a tent or driving home. With Bonnaroo grounds only located about an hour outside of Nashville, it was a pleasant experience. However, this didn’t truly prepare me for the next year where my friends & I spent the entire 4 days at the festival.

First time festival go-ers, we were. And we had no idea how to navigate the grounds, the schedule, & how to manage our time to get the best experience (but by no means am I saying it wasn’t the absolute BEST TIME I’VE HAD). We just didn’t realize to be picky about who we go see, when to nap, & to bring as many fans as we can muster. It was insanely hot during the day, but got super chilly at night. The hot sun would wake you up at daybreak (about 6 or 7 in the morning), interrupting the deep sleep we so desperately needed.

To better equip you for your Bonnaroo experience, here are some tips:

Be choosy about which events you attend

There are multiple stages & things going on all at once (music sets, comedy sets, yoga, & more!), so it can be a little overwhelming. Bonnaroo has an app where you can add the things you want to do to your schedule so you can better manage the fun activities you want to attend. I would suggest preparing this before you get to the festival.

– Take naps during sets you don’t have any investment in

I stayed up for bands I didn’t really care about & couldn’t make it for the big headliner sets past 10pm. If you’re on festival grounds for sets your friends want to see, but you’re not totally crazy about the set, bring a blanket, post up, lay down & close your eyes. You can still enjoy the music this way & maybe take a snooze to re-energize you for the rest of the day/night.

Bring as many portable fans you can get your hands on

Yo – the humidity during the time of Bonnaroo is NO JOKE. When chilling at your campsite with no semi cool air blowing in your face, the sweat just pours out of you. If you do anything, INVEST IN ALL THE FANS. Bring as many portable fans as you can. YOU. WILL. NEED. THEM.

Don’t over drink

Now I know it’s a good ole time to enjoy some beverages and go to a concert, but attending a festival is a whole other ball game. It is a FULL DAY of festivities & rest is hit or miss (hence the naps tip). Don’t go too crazy. Have a nice buzz going all day so you can survive.

Bring a bathing suit & play in the iconic fountain as much as you can

Again, it gets hot hot hot. I didn’t utilize the fountain enough & I regret it for sure. It really cools ya down & can keep you cool for a little while when the sun is beaming down on ya.

Be prepared to wait in a lone line to get onto the grounds

There are a TON of people who attend Bonnaroo, therefore the long line of cars you have to wait to get in to actually set up your campsite is no joke. Buuuut, if you go in prepared knowing you will be sitting in your car for a while, it may make it a little more bearable.

I’m sure there’s so much more I could tell you but these were the most important takeaways I took from my experience & stuff I would do differently the next time I get to go. Just don’t have high expectations, go in with a chill attitude & just enjoy the experience the best way you know how.

Phones at Concerts

Does it bother anyone else if the person they’re next to at a show is recording THE ENTIRE TIME? It’s the worst when you’re at a general admission concert, and all you see are phone screens in front of you – this blocks your view even more, especially if you’re short. Now I know this may be a little hypocritical as I have to record & take photos to get content for my posts on this exact blog, but I honestly believe as a concert-goer, it takes away from the experience if you just record the whole thing. And let’s be honest, do you really go back and rewatch all of your videos? I know I don’t.

Although it could be therapeutic for some (to get over that post concert depression, am I right?) to go back & watch the videos taken at the concert, I don’t believe that should be the experience when going to see an artist or band live. You don’t get to be in the moment. You’re watching the show through your phone screen, rather than watching it live. You can’t fully embrace the concert experience this way.

I remember when I saw Maroon 5 a couple of years ago, Adam Levine asked the ENTIRE crowd to put away their phones for ONE song. Granted, this was an arena venue, so a pretty hard ask, but I really enjoyed that moment because he truly wanted everyone to experience it with their own eyes, not through their screen.

My suggestion: take a short instagram story clip, a few photos & then PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. You want to dance, don’t you? You want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs, don’t you? And…if you’re close enough, you want to be able to lock eyes with whoever is on stage, DON’T YOU? Be in the moment. Engage. Enjoy.

Sometimes I wish concerts were like comedy shows, where you’d get kicked out if you get caught with your phone out. If this were the case, people would actually be surprised by the show & not have already seen it on someone else’s Instagram story.

Music industry, DO YO THANG.


The first time I connected with God through worship was when I decided to make church a priority in my life. Someone on stage had said: “If you connect through the lyrics, raise your hands.” I cannot remember what song & I cannot remember the exact lyrics, but there was a moment I could feel His presence. So…I raised my hands and I instantly started bawling my eyes out. I could feel Him & He was there with me.

Some people don’t like all the flashy, over the top production when it comes to worship, but it feels like a concert to me. It’s the two things I enjoy most: God & concerts. I enjoy worship the most after a sermon, singing songs carefully chosen to accommodate the message, listening to the lyrics, & feeling His presence there with you.

This is a scary time in the world – coronavirus is really making people reevaluate what they turn to when they are down, struggling, sad, weak. This is the EXACT time that we should realize that the ONLY thing we should turn to is God. He is the only thing that can heal us, make us feel better, & validate us. Alcohol won’t do that. The gym won’t do that. Eating won’t do that. Heck, a concert won’t even do that. These “idols” we place in our life are only there for a moment, but God is forever. He’s not a fleeting moment in our life, He is there with us ALWAYS & worship is one the most powerful times we can spend in His presence.

Recently, we haven’t had the opportunity to experience worship in person, so we are learning to make it our own. The church I attend has been going through a series (before all this craziness started) called “Take Home Faith.” This is exactly what we need to do when it comes to worship. What we see and feel during service, take it home & recreate it….in the best way we know how. Turn on a worship song. Raise your hands right there in your living room. Dance around. GO CRAZY. And I think the biggest thing to take away: listen to the lyrics. Lyrics are powerful. Lyrics can speak to you in a different way, emphasizing what God speaks to us through His word. Allow them to penetrate your soul.

If you need something to look to during these difficult times, God could be that resource. He will give you the best & most absolute peace you’ve ever felt in your entire life. My suggestion: start with worship.

Check out the following worship:

Hillsong Worship

Elevation Worship

Red Rocks Worship

Follow along on spotify:

Calming Christian


Top Christian

Love Coffee, Love Jesus

Cal Scruby

We drive by the venue & see a line. We had no expectations of what this show was going to be like. Our (more so mine) experiences have been opening shows or local Ohio shows, where Cal is from. His first headlining tour. HEADLINING.

This. Is. A. Big. Deal.

His first stop of tour: this show. Denver, CO. I can’t explain to you how exciting it was to be at a show outside of Ohio surrounded by other Cal fans (even though people still think his last name is pronounced SCRUB bee – it SCREW be, people).

It’s snowing…not ideal for waiting outside before the doors open. We get there early – my friend & I of course bought VIP, the only way to go to a show when you’ve been following him since 2012.

Eventually we are able to enter the venue & make our way over to the man himself. It had been a few years since I’d seen him, so I was nervvvvvvy. Why? Prob cause I’m a big Cal supporter, but a sucky fan (I sorry Calvin). We catch up, get our picture & then plop our butts on the speakers in the front row. This venue (Lost Lake Lounge) was so small & intimate, which is my favorite kind of venue. You can get an up close & personal show in this kind of place, it even had a disco ball in the middle of ceiling!

Let me start by telling you: there was NO OPENER. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good opener as it gives me the opportunity to see someone I may not have heard of or known otherwise. But, getting right to the nitty gritty & the person I came for: that is the icing on top.

Performing almost all of his legendary Unsigned album, the show starts with none other than: Shut Up. The beginning of the song inundated with a monologue of Cal talking about how people didn’t believe in him, how his old label was BS, & everything people try to tell him about making it in the music industry. Proud of you Cal – you do you, booboo.

Clip of Cal performing Shut Up

The entire show, Cal just spit fire, with everyone around us in the crowd spitting game right along with him. I cannot describe what a cool feeling it is to be at a show where EVERYONE (except me: bad fan, remember?) is rapping all the lyrics along with Cal. An artist who deserves everything he’s worked for. Although, I’ll never personally experience that feeling (thanks to my terrible voice & non musical abilities), that has to be one of the coolest things to experience as an artist.

Continuing to take us through a musical experience: Cal hit us with some upbeat songs [Taylor Swift, Kobe with the Fro, Who are you?], took us down with some very real, very emotional songs [My Anxiety, Worst Day of my Life], & got WeIrD in between them all. I’ll never forget Cal referencing a tweet that he would take a shit on stage if he sold out the show (JOKES, OBVI – if you followed Cal, you’d get his weird humor) & a fan next to us yelling “let’s all shit our pants together.” Let me tell you….that was fckn weird.

Clip of Cal dancing like he’s Taylor Swift

Even though I spent most of my time in the front row pretending to know the lyrics (my brain & mouth cannot compute the lyrics & raps that encompasses Cals songs), I had a very real moment when it got to the point in the show for the song: My Anxiety. I’ve been in a weird season in life, more anxious than normal, more stressed than normal, & a lot of change happening outside of my control. I’ve felt off balance & sometimes not like myself. God is definitely testing me & teaching me to rely on Him right now, but this song really resonated with some of how I’ve been feeling. I shed a few tears listening to the lyrics, these one’s especially:

I’m looking happy online but it’s not what you think
I’m losing touch if I’m touching a screen
One minute, I think I love everybody
And then I’m like fuck everything

For anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression, the lyrics of this entire song put so many feelings into words. It’s crazy how perfectly Cal describes it. If anything, I hope this song can help anyone who may be feeling that way, to help them get out of that head space, & to make people realize they’re not alone, even if it may feel that way.

We eventually find ourselves at the end of the show: Kobe with the Fro. Cal expresses that he is unable to do an encore, but whaddya kno, he comes back out & performs one of his classics; Wasted. Us bitches for sure got basic. It was the BEST way to round out the first night of tour. To top it off, his manager advised against hanging after shows with fans, but here we were: waiting in line again to spend some quality time with Cal himself.

The amazing night still lingering in my mind, a month and a half later. That is post concert depression, y’all…

Photo with Cal Scruby & his DJ Tron after the show