Dua Lipa

DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have nothing but great things to say about her. However, the show she had at the Fillmore in Denver was cut short after only 3 songs. Let me just say, yes, I was salty AF. I have seen her before, though, && she rescheduled, so I guess it’s all good.

Going into this show, I was going alone & bought my ticket a few days before. The day of, I was honestly just exhausted and was not really feeling like going. But, I know her live performance is HYYYYPE so, on I went. I drove myself & parked on a side street near the venue, only to get out of my car to hear the sound of my front tire blowing out air. I GOT A FLAT, y’all. Thank goodness this nice man helped me change my tire (as I literally am clueless when it comes to that stuff) – blessssss his heart. I wish I could thank him over and over and over. Was definitely not the best way to start the evening, but I was extremely grateful for the help & that I wasn’t going to miss the show because of it.

So I walk my arse to the venue, right before the opener was about to go on. I don’t even remember her name soooo had to Google: it was Clairo. I definitely enjoyed her vocals, however, not the hypest set to get prepared for Dua. I’d also never heard of her before & enjoy getting to know new artists, but I was just meh about her as an opener.

So once Clairo was done, we finally (obvi) are at the point where they setting up for the gal of the evening. The anticipation. Excitement. ALL OF IT.


DUA IS HERE! She comes out to a song I can’t remember (I have a bad memory, gimme a break). Second, she played Blow My Mind (*MUAH*) which I absolutely LOVED when it came out. The MUAH just makes it that much better.

She plays her third song & then all the confusion set in. I have NEVER been to a show that was cut short in the middle. I’m not here to hate, I understand things happen & artists have to do what’s best for them, but I can’t sit here and say I wasn’t disappointed. It was just a day where one thing after the other kept happening & had I known it was going to be cancelled, I could have stayed home all snuggled up in bed binge watching some dumb reality show (guilty pleasure) instead. When Dua left the stage before she came out to tell us the sad news, she was gone for a good 20 minutes. The whole crowd was so confused. Her entire band got off stage. Lights came back on. We were all just hoping she was okay but also like, wtf????

You can watch here her heartfelt cancellation & apology, courtesy of another fan on Instagram:

I also can’t end this post without crediting the stage production. It was beyond what I’d seen at her previous shows. When she went into her 3rd song, I was confused as I could not find her on stage, only to then realize she was on top of a platform, belting her heart out. I absolutely loved it, as sometimes when you’re at a general admission show, it can be hard to see the artist when on stage, as you have to peer through other heads to get a glimpse (on my tippy toes most of the time). It was cool to see her on top of the wooooorld (okay, that was cheez-y, whatevs). Enjoy this vid:

I’ll leave you with this, a photo of the crowd after we all heard the news. Some people left & some lingered, still discussing what we had just experienced.

OF COURSE, after just a taste, The Post Concert Depression set in…

**this post shall be updated (hopefully) for her rescheduled date in December**


Modest Mouse

Soooo….I haven’t really had the motivation to write this blog post (& the show was probably over a month ago), probably because I wasn’t overly excited about it. I mean, it was a decent show, but I definitely am not ranting and raving about it. Just being honest here.

The only song I knew was Float On from back when I was in probably middle or high school. It’s a good jam but about the only one I could get down to. Full disclosure, though, I was extremely hungover so that could be a contributing factor to my non excitement.

The thing I can rant & rave about, though, is the LIGHTS (*cue Kanye West’s All of the Lights*). The production team for Modest Mouse kilt that shit. It’s crazy how I notice these kinds of things going to shows since I’ve been to so many. You start to take in and judge every single aspect of the show, not just the vocals or the performance.


Another plug or cool thing was that the lead singer (sorry, don’t know his name) was wearing a shirt from a farm in Ohio (where I’m from, wooooooot). Granted, I’d never heard of it but the people I was at the show with are familiar with this farm, so I was excited to see a part of my home state represented at a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

Sadly, I’m going to have to end this saying I did not have Post Concert Depression after this show, so I’ll leave you with this…

&& we’ll all float on agaiiiiiiiin 🎵🎶


Chase Bryant

I debated even “writing” this review because to be honest, I don’t really remember the concert. It was a Saturday & I was trying to get my drink on, hence why I don’t remember much. The concert was at The Grizzly Rose – which to my surprise was a pretty large venue. The inside was beautiful, most of the furnishings made of wood, with a huge dance floor in front of the stage.

We saw the opener, Jake Dodds, who we kept trying to get to flirt with one of my new friends (that I met while waiting in line). I believe he kept giving us the *flirtatious* eyes.

Eventually Chase came out & I barely remember any part of his set (oops, lol). I did get a couple videos SO ENJOY. Just disappointed because I either didn’t see the only song I knew (Little Bit of You) OR just don’t remember. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this one, but I do know that I had LOADS of fun & did a little line dancing too (which definitely isn’t my preferred style of dancing).

So I’d give this review a 2 out of 10. Sorry, I suck.

One thing I can definitely say is that I didn’t have post concert depression…

The next morning, The Post Concert Hangover set in…


This review is kind of overdue, however, this show was just *about* a week ago (about a week agoooooo) that took place at Globe Hall in Denver. Shout out to Do303 for hooking me up with tickets & grateful for that because I definitely wouldn’t have gone to this show on my own accord (as I didn’t know who they were before hand).

To my surprise, I was actually enjoying myself during the show! The first opener was Claygo, a hip hop artist, who had me boppin’ along, even though I didn’t know the words. HOWEVER, the first song he used the R word which made me cringe a little.

The next opener was Don Chicarrón, who was kind of like a latina/salsa-ish jam band. I’m not a super fan of jam bands as I like to hear people sing, however, they gave the crowd kept the crowd pumped up with their variety of instruments & sounds. Not to mention, they all wore matching shirts (S’CUTE). When they did sing, it was all in Spanish, which was definitely something I’m not used to seeing, as well as I didn’t know the words (even though I took 4 years of Spanish in high school). That’s to mention that even though I didn’t know what they were saying, I still enjoyed watching their set.

Finally, it was time for Ozomatli – which I would say was a combination of Claygo & Don Chicarrón. They had jam songs (in Spanish) but also vocals, then some parts of the set, there was one guy who would spit some serious rap game (in English). Quite the dynamic group.

I don’t really have much else to say. Like I said before, a show I wouldn’t have gone to on my own BUUUUT had a good time. I didn’t leave the concert with PCD though, so I’ll leave you with this…

Sometimes it’s nice to experience a different type of live show/concert than you’re used to. Force yourself to get out of your comfort zone & try something new.


X Ambassadors

LISTEN UP – X Ambassadors is the most underrated band, I swear. Even before the concert last night at Red Rocks (which is AMAZE bee tee dubs), they weren’t really on my radar, besides the songs I knew from the radio (i.e. Renegades & Unsteady). I am completely floored & flabbergasted by them.

First of all, let me give all my praises to the man behind the keyboard. I am LIVING for him. As I said above, I went in completely not knowing who X Ambassadors is & who is in the band. To my utmost surprise, the keyboard player was led out by the lead singer (who is also his brother) while maneuvering a walking stick. Yes, he is BLIND. Emphasis on the BLIND because what a true talent to be able to push past something that would most likely hold others back, get on stage, & ROCK OUT playing a show of probably 9,000 people. I was seriously so impressed – jaw to the floor the entire time. Not to completely focus on his disability because he is obviously is more than that but I am just here to give my many praises because he’s pushed past the boundaries of the “norm.” I have never personally seen that before at a concert & the only other artist I know of is Stevie Wonder. Again, I AM HERE TO PRAISE THIS MAN.

*disclaimer: I don’t remember their names & again, trying to keep it authentic here & not just google up all the facts*

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way – let me just discuss the openers:

Allan Rayman: So I didn’t know who he was before & still not sure how I feel about him. I am not here to be negative but to give an honest review. Myself and the strangers around me (as I again went to another concert alone) agreed that we liked his sound (has some grit to his voice) but actually watching him perform gave me the heebie jeebies. Okay, I’m being over dramatic but it was definitely weird. There were some moments where he was just laughing into the microphone; which reminded me of that Gorillaz song, Feel Good Inc. (had to google that one, oops) from way back when. Props to him but not my cup of tea for live performances.

MisterWives: I have all the positive things to say about their live performance (have seen them plenty of times before this as well). They bring SO MUCH energy to the stage & not to mention the lead singer, Mandy, has THE most amazing voice I’ve heard – video below to prove my point.

Playing their first ever show at Red Rocks, it was an iconic performance. They performed some songs off their last album, such as, Coloring Outside the Lines & Drummer Boy (which Mandy wrote for their drummer, Etienne – they just got engaged within the past year: S’CUTE) as well as some oldies but goodies, Reflections (holy tbt) & Our Own House. 

A cool part during their set while performing Imagination Infatuation, the entire band lowered to the ground to the tune of “a little bit softer now” then BOOMED back up to the tune of “a little bit louder now” – as you can hear, the crowd was cheering ’em on!

During their final song, Our Own House, they rocked out on some drums – love these kinds of added bonuses in a performance. The video shows it A.L.L.

Alright, alright, alright (Matthew McConaughey voice) – back to the headlinerz, X Ambassadors, babay. To note: this was their first HEADLINING show at Red Rocks. && it was hoppin’. I only knew a few of the songs, but was having a grand ole’ time. The lead singer could hit notes I didn’t even know existed. The high range he could go to was unimaginable.

It also felt at times I was being taken to a church/choir show (in the BESTEST way possible). There were 3 background singers who brought that added pizzaz to the show, singing background vocals to put some umph into each song X Ambassadors performed, as heard below during Renegades.

Something I unfortunately didn’t get on video was a transition between songs, where the lead singer was introducing a new song – preaching not to be afraid to be yourself, don’t give a f*ck what other people think of you & that they accept everyone, whether you are black, white, Christian, Muslim, LGBTQIA, & so on. I was clapping THE entire time. I love hearing inspiring speeches such as these. He said they are with us. No matter what. Standing for what’s right. I WAS THERE FOR IT.

Let’s also talk about how they performed half of their set while it was raining. Spewing directly onto the stage & soaking the band. Talk about FREE-ZING (as I was). You would think the crowd would have dispersed because of the rain, but it appeared that everyone stayed put to enjoy the amazingness of their set. I unfortunately did not plan well & left a few songs early because I could not feel my feet! First Red Rocks concert & did not expect to be freezing my arse off. However, walking out of the venue hearing the crowd soar & scream & cheer for the end of their set, I had a huge smile on my face because of the night I just had. It was pure bliss…

And then…the Post Concert Depression set in…

Camila Cabello

It’s been 5 days since I attended this show last Wednesday at the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO — as a part of her Never Be The Same tour — & I am still depressed that it is over. I keep going & watching Instagram stories of the shows following mine trying to relive that night. IT WAS THAT AMAZING, I swear. I’ve always been a fan of Camila, even when she was in Fifth Harmony, as she was my favorite of the group. Her voice is KILLER – I am so amazed at the variation she uses when performing, especially when she hits those high notes during Consequences, singing “No, ooh-ooh-ooh” so beautifully. 

To start off the show, Camila had support of NY based, Loote – performing a smaaaash called High Without Your Love along with their version of Cheat Code ft. Demi Lovato’s hit, No Promises, because THEY WROTE IT. From what I gathered during the show, the duo consisting of Jackson & Emma (I don’t know their last names & yes I could google, however, trying to provide only information gathered at the show. Cool? Cool) were song writers before they started working on original music. Even though I didn’t know the words, I was dancing in my seat (all by my lonesome, because yes, I went alone). Definitely an artist I will continue to follow, as should you!

I had just moved to Denver about a week before, so was completely clueless Camila was coming until the night before the concert. I spontaneously bought a ticket the morning of for about $20 through Stubhub. Come to find out when I got to the venue, I was second to last row in the venue’s balcony (sorry, I won’t have that great of photos for you this concert). Surprisingly, I still had a great view of the stage. Camila had a giant screen behind her — starting the show & most transitions between songs displaying slow motion video of her while softly speaking to introduce her set or the next song she was about to play.


Above shows the first image you see to start her set. BEAUTIFUL. Camila opened up with Never Be The Same & throughout the set played songs off her self-titled debut album, such as She Loves Control, Inside Out & All These Years. The two songs I want to touch on, though, are Real Friends & Somebody’s Gotta Give. During Real Friends, Camila brought up a girl, Elena, who was celebrating her 8th birthday. I think I melted – it was one of the sweetest moments I got to witness. The little girl was so excited, exclaiming that “she’s never been on stage before.” Camila even let her sing some of the words. I UH-dored this moment. OH, we also got to sing her happy birthday. If I was Elena at her age, I would NEVER stop talking about it. Talk about being the “cool kid” at school from now on.

On a more serious note, during Somebody’s Gotta Give, the screen behind her displayed images from the Florida school shooting along with images from the March For Our Lives event that happened this past March. I immediately teared up when the video of the students exiting the Florida school popped up. I. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. (Hence why my video did not capture it). I was so moved! I truly appreciate artists who stick up for what they believe in.

Let me also touch on the whole production & performance. I typically am not a fan of the “pop star” on stage trying to over perform with backup dancers. However, Camila did it just perfectly. She had about 5-6 backup dancers to support her throughout her set. It was just enough that it wasn’t overdone or overbearing. The reason I’m not usually a fan of this type of performance is because I go to listen to the VOICE of the artist I’m seeing. Camila danced her ass off while also maintaining a dominating vocal performance. She also knew when to slow it down — busting out her skills on the keyboard — && getting the crowd into their feels. She empathized with the crowd. She brought the energy. She even gave us some acapella during In The Dark (while *unironically* singing it in the dark –which I LOVED, don’t go hatin’ on me now).

Camila eventually ended the show with her mega hit, Havana, & once it was over…

The Post Concert Depression set in…

Check out both artists below:

Camila Cabello:

Website: camilacabello.com

Facebook: facebook.com/camilacabello

Twitter: @camila_cabello

Instagram: @camila_cabello

Spotify: Camila Cabello


Website: lootemusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/lootemusic

Twitter: @lootemusic

Instagram: @lootemusic

Spotify: Loote


OH BOY. I’m starting a blog. Let’s be real though — this wouldn’t be my blog if my first post wasn’t about my absolute favorite band, Timeflies.

This past Sunday was my final show of their Too Much To Dream tour. My journey started in Altanta, GA to Columbus, OH & ended in Denver, CO. You could say I’m a little obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed). I’ve been following them for 6 years and am the ultimate promoter of them & their music. The group consists of Cal Shapiro & Rob “Rez” Resnick (who are absolute gems) from New York & New Jersey…met in college & the rest is history — also, I’m not going to bore you with the details because any other interview they’ve done can give you those details. Supes repetitive if you’ve been following them for as long as I have.

It feels weird writing a review of their show considering I’ve been to so many I’ve lost count. The show this past Sunday in Denver was a literal dream (haha, punny). I went back to my olden days & rocked out in the front row; my body was regretting it the next day (it also didn’t help my friend, Megan, & I were out drinking the entire day before hand). The show always starts out with about a 7 minute intro, where Rez creates a mashup of majority popular songs, to get the crowd hyped. The intro always starts with the classic, “ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3” – as soon as I hear those words, I’m perked up & ready to rage!

BUT BUT BUT, let’s back it up. We’re also here to praise the openers, who always seem to be long forgotten at concerts. First up was Baby Raptors, a New York based group, with lead singer Tora Fisher. She’s got an amazing voice & killer abs (gimme summa dat, plz). This is their first time on the road & extremely happy it was with Timeflies so I got the chance to be introduced to them. It was also the first time I’ve seen a female opener for them on tour so HELLS YES WOMEN! I also had a moment with them in Columbus & in the front row, Tora recognized me (at least I think that’s what happened) and gave me all the love. Not here to boast, it was just a lovely moment, K!

Next up was Bryce Vine, who brought MAJOR energy & commanded the stage. I’m still having a hard time getting his songs out of my head (especially Drew Barrymore). He also had support from Lvcky Dave (that’s his social media name, so that’s what I will call him). On one or a couple of the songs, Dave played trumpet & it was the most epic shit I’ve ever seen. I was INTO IT. Apologies I don’t know which song(s) it was on. If anyone decides to read this & wants to correct me, FEEL FREE. I’m not perfect nor do I know everything – all I do know is that Bryce had me moving & grooving.

Okay okay, back to Timeflies – intro is coming to an end & its time for the show. Rob comes out just towards the end of the intro & once it’s over, Cal takes the stage, starting with All The Way.  The set consisted of a song from their first release, The Scotch Tape, For You to new songs off their latest release, the To Dream EP, such as Little Bit, Fire, & the absolute grooviest song, Be Easy. Mix in some slow jams such as Stuck With Me & Monsters…and OF COURSE, a bad ass freestyle (b/c YouTube freestyles got them going – go check em out if you haven’t, I DARE YOU). List of topics. Cals mindblowing frees. Beats by Rez. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Let’s not forget, too, Rob always throws it down with a few bad ass remixes to their original songs — to name a few: I Choose U & Swoon (errbody gon’ swoon *fans self*). You may go into a show thinking you’ll hear the original & then be blown away by the different beats. Your ears won’t know what to do with themselves. It brings such a different energy to a concert than I’ve ever experienced.

It also wouldn’t be their set without the most successful of them all: Once in a While. If you don’t know this song yet, you should. (But I’m hopeful Be Easy is the new Once in a While). The show (too soon) comes to an end with Be Easy (&& that song, boooooy it gets me so excited). There’s what I believe you would call “gang vocals” (again, not an expert here) where children sing background throughout the song, letting you know “you’ve got to be easy” & “everything is alright”.  It’s truly an inspiring song & has me in ALL. MY. FEELS. because if you listen to the lyrics, Cal is referencing major TBTs, to their beginning days & it just puts such a smile on my face.

*PSA: somewhere in there too, there’s an encore – it wouldn’t be a concert if there wasn’t an encore, right?*

The show is over *tear* & Cal & Rob thank the crowd & stroll off backstage. But let’s be real, if you’re hardcore like myself, you know you’re going to wait after the show to try to say hello ONE LAST TIME before they’ve got to take off. Soooo, that’s what we do. I’ve inserted some photos below – S’CUTE – of our time before the show in VIP (we bought this, it aint no special thang) && after. Again, true gems.


^^that’s Cal btw && yes, you can sWoOn


^^that’s my friend, Megan (who I call Meg) with Cal & I


^^this is Rob aka Rez aka Uncle Bobby


So we got our pictures, some time to chit chat with them. Ordered our Lyft & eventually headed home.

And then, the Post Concert Depression set in…

Check out all 3 artists below:


Website: timefliesmusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/timeflies

Twitter: @timeflies

Instagram: @timefliesmusic

Spotify: Timeflies

Bryce Vine:

Website: brycevine.com

Facebook: facebook.com/brycevine

Twitter: @brycevine

Instagram: @brycevine

Spotify: Bryce Vine

Baby Raptors:

Website: babyraptors.com

Facebook: facebook.com/babyraptors

Twitter: @baby_raptors

Instagram: @baby_raptors

Spotify: Baby Raptors