A new encore?

Have you guys ever been to a show & the artist plays their “last song” & thanks the crowd for a great night? They leave the stage & a few minutes later come back out for their encore? Pretty much the concert expectation these days, right?

I’ve always had on my mind to see a show that gives an element different to the encore. I feel it used to be a special thing the crowd would roar so loud for. These days, it definitely is something that is pre-planned into an artists set [from my experience, at least]. The only thing remotely close to something other than an encore was when I saw Ed Sheeran play a radio show in Michigan a few years ago. This was when his song, Sing, was a massive hit – he had the crowd sing along with him the lyrics: SING, oohhhweeeeohhhh, oooooohhhhh, oohhhweeeeohhhh, SING [that’s definitely not how the oh’s go, but cut me some slack LOL]. The entire crowd was singing along & all of a sudden I noticed that he was no longer on the stage. HE. WALKED. OFF. Leaving the crowd to their own accord, but also, left me wanting more. Guessing. Confused. It was such a crazy feeling & something I had never seen before. That is probably THE closest thing other than an encore that I have experience.

I’m not even sure what that would be., though I’m not an artist. I don’t have that creative production mindset that people who work concerts have. However, as a concert go-er, I am ready for SOMETHING ELSE. Yet, I’m here thinking, I don’t even know what other avenue a concert set could take other than an encore.

What I pose to the music world is: get creative, leave us guessing & wanting more. Change up the concert experience. I DARE YOU.


Tyler Rich & Tyler Dial

aye peoples – so this post is about the tyler’s. I want to first shout out BBVA & AXS for putting on this free event at the Skyline Beer Garden in downtown Denver. It was such a cute little outdoor beer garden & was a great afternoon to enjoy some free live music.

Moving to Denver from Nashville, I’ve become keen to the country music scene. I saw Tyler Rich host his own night of Whiskey Jam (which is ICONIC & something you have to do if you visit Nashville – but during the weekday) & was blown away by him. I then have said since then that he is going to blow up. He is, for lack of a better term, amazing (if you read my blog, I am so super descriptive *sarcasm*). LOL. Okay moving on. If we’re being honest here, I’ve always supported Tyler BUT have slacked in actually downloading & keeping up with his music. UNTIL, he released The Difference.

(I also was late to work b/c I stayed to hear this song – oops)

This song is such a sappy love song about loving someone (probs his supes hot fiance). Tyler has a grit in his voice that I’m not quite able to compare to anyone else (granted, I’m not too familiar with older – I’m a bro country fan, if you will). If you’re not hip to him already, YA SHOULD BE.

He also performed a new song influenced by his fiance. I never got confirmation on the name of the song but I believe it’s called Leave Her Wild. It’s about accepting the person you’re with & letting them be them. Don’t try to change them. Let them do their thing. Have their independence. At least that’s what I took/take from the song. PLEASE, if anything, you have to watch this video & listen to the song. I hope once it’s released, its a bop & all over country radio (Bobby Bones, I’m looking at you).

His EP comes out this Friday (9/21/18), so go check it out, y’all.

Now time to talk about Tyler Dial. Before this show, I had never heard of him, but I sure as hell do now & have nothing but great things to say about him. He gave me more old school country vibes (okay, I may know soooooooomething but not much). There was also a point in the show where he went out into the beer garden, hopped up on the table & got involved with the crowd. WISHHH I had a video but I was too into the moment. However, thanks to the man himself, Tyler sent me this video so ENJOY!

P.s. he just released an EP as well and I got it downloaded to jam, you should too.

And to finish it off, I’m still dealing with that PCD, so hope to see these men’s sooner rather than later…

Mat Kearney

TBH, i’m just adding this for content on the blog list of concert reviews so it looks like I gots all of it (which I DOOOOOO but ya know, business). This was a free rooftop summer concert hosted by Denver radio station Alice 105.9 & I had to work so literally by the time he actually came out to play, I only got to see two songs.

Hey Mama:


AND, OF COURSE, on my way out he played a song that I knew. But it was pretty dope walking out of the bar jamming to some great tunes.

He also did a lil freestyle kind of jam (but Cal Shapiro freestyles will always be my fave cc: Timeflies). Still dope doe.


Can we also talk about how adorbs he looks with that swagger hat on? (I know he’s married and has a beeb but C’MON)

No PCD as this was just a teaser pretty much buuuut because of this, though, I am yearning for a full Mat Kearney concert, so like, come back to Denver plz.

Harry Styles

I feel like such a bad fangirl writing this concert review TWO MONTHS post show. Because the amount of energy & excitement I had after this show was INSANE. I have been literally working my arse off every day & when I have time off, been hiking, soooooo MY B.

Let me first start off by saying, I absolutely adore & love Harry – he was my FAVE in 1D. Buuuuut when his album came out, it was very mellow & did not include songs I thought would be a concert I would enjoy live. I like more hype, dancy shows….but that takes me to my point. THE SHOW WAS LITTTTTTTTTY (I also was litty). I definitely felt like a teeny bopper. I went with my best friend & we about melted to the floor 43591847593158 times because I was so mesmerized by being in the presence of greatness (lol).

I CANNOT FORGET, Kacey Musgraves absolutely blew me away. Also was not too hyped about her album UNTIL I heard it live. I had also seen her previously at Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati a few years ago & was not really into her performance (I also was supes far away from the stage & half paying attention). She gave me butterfliiiiiiiiessss…. *cue the video below*


Back to the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Styles.

Here’s a video of him coming to stage, AND I COULDN’T STAND MYSELF. The anticipation. This. Was. Epic.


Let me first tell you, though, it’s kind of a struggle to write a post months later b/c 1) I was drunk at the show which leads to 2) it’s hard to remember every moment to give you the bestest review EVA. So, I’ll just tell you what I do remember (with the help of my bestie, Paige). What I experienced and have seen on the internets (YAY, social media), Harry tends to take time to speak to the crowd & interact with some fans that are ever so lucky to be graced with floor tickets & GA around the stage. The specific moment I remember from the show was that it was a fan’s birthday & he got the entire arena to sing happy birthday. UM, how magical. I would love if Harry serenaded me on my birthday (still a chance? Hit me up mista). If I remember correctly, he also pointed out a fan in the crowd with a rainbow flag & then went on into a speech about staying true to yourself, being authentic and who you are and not being afraid to do so. Obvi, those aren’t the exact words & I’m paraphrasing b/c MY MEMS IS TERRIBLE but it was something along those lines. V INSPIRING.

Looking back at my videos, this must’ve been after that cause he got tha flag!


ON TO THA NEXT ONE. One of my favorite moments was when Harry sang What Makes You Beautiful (RIP 1D) but he did it with his own twist to it. He changed up the song & played it the way he probably would have liked the song to be.


I will forever be a One Direction fan, but Harry Styles lives on in his solo career and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

ps – Harry had a female drummer && photographer so GRL PWR ❤️

I’m obviously still suffering with post concert depression. TAKE ME BACK! *tear*

Dua Lipa

DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have nothing but great things to say about her. However, the show she had at the Fillmore in Denver was cut short after only 3 songs. Let me just say, yes, I was salty AF. I have seen her before, though, && she rescheduled, so I guess it’s all good.

Going into this show, I was going alone & bought my ticket a few days before. The day of, I was honestly just exhausted and was not really feeling like going. But, I know her live performance is HYYYYPE so, on I went. I drove myself & parked on a side street near the venue, only to get out of my car to hear the sound of my front tire blowing out air. I GOT A FLAT, y’all. Thank goodness this nice man helped me change my tire (as I literally am clueless when it comes to that stuff) – blessssss his heart. I wish I could thank him over and over and over. Was definitely not the best way to start the evening, but I was extremely grateful for the help & that I wasn’t going to miss the show because of it.

So I walk my arse to the venue, right before the opener was about to go on. I don’t even remember her name soooo had to Google: it was Clairo. I definitely enjoyed her vocals, however, not the hypest set to get prepared for Dua. I’d also never heard of her before & enjoy getting to know new artists, but I was just meh about her as an opener.

So once Clairo was done, we finally (obvi) are at the point where they setting up for the gal of the evening. The anticipation. Excitement. ALL OF IT.


DUA IS HERE! She comes out to a song I can’t remember (I have a bad memory, gimme a break). Second, she played Blow My Mind (*MUAH*) which I absolutely LOVED when it came out. The MUAH just makes it that much better.

She plays her third song & then all the confusion set in. I have NEVER been to a show that was cut short in the middle. I’m not here to hate, I understand things happen & artists have to do what’s best for them, but I can’t sit here and say I wasn’t disappointed. It was just a day where one thing after the other kept happening & had I known it was going to be cancelled, I could have stayed home all snuggled up in bed binge watching some dumb reality show (guilty pleasure) instead. When Dua left the stage before she came out to tell us the sad news, she was gone for a good 20 minutes. The whole crowd was so confused. Her entire band got off stage. Lights came back on. We were all just hoping she was okay but also like, wtf????

You can watch here her heartfelt cancellation & apology, courtesy of another fan on Instagram:

I also can’t end this post without crediting the stage production. It was beyond what I’d seen at her previous shows. When she went into her 3rd song, I was confused as I could not find her on stage, only to then realize she was on top of a platform, belting her heart out. I absolutely loved it, as sometimes when you’re at a general admission show, it can be hard to see the artist when on stage, as you have to peer through other heads to get a glimpse (on my tippy toes most of the time). It was cool to see her on top of the wooooorld (okay, that was cheez-y, whatevs). Enjoy this vid:

I’ll leave you with this, a photo of the crowd after we all heard the news. Some people left & some lingered, still discussing what we had just experienced.

OF COURSE, after just a taste, The Post Concert Depression set in…

**this post shall be updated (hopefully) for her rescheduled date in December**

Modest Mouse

Soooo….I haven’t really had the motivation to write this blog post (& the show was probably over a month ago), probably because I wasn’t overly excited about it. I mean, it was a decent show, but I definitely am not ranting and raving about it. Just being honest here.

The only song I knew was Float On from back when I was in probably middle or high school. It’s a good jam but about the only one I could get down to. Full disclosure, though, I was extremely hungover so that could be a contributing factor to my non excitement.

The thing I can rant & rave about, though, is the LIGHTS (*cue Kanye West’s All of the Lights*). The production team for Modest Mouse kilt that shit. It’s crazy how I notice these kinds of things going to shows since I’ve been to so many. You start to take in and judge every single aspect of the show, not just the vocals or the performance.


Another plug or cool thing was that the lead singer (sorry, don’t know his name) was wearing a shirt from a farm in Ohio (where I’m from, wooooooot). Granted, I’d never heard of it but the people I was at the show with are familiar with this farm, so I was excited to see a part of my home state represented at a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

Sadly, I’m going to have to end this saying I did not have Post Concert Depression after this show, so I’ll leave you with this…

&& we’ll all float on agaiiiiiiiin 🎵🎶


Chase Bryant

I debated even “writing” this review because to be honest, I don’t really remember the concert. It was a Saturday & I was trying to get my drink on, hence why I don’t remember much. The concert was at The Grizzly Rose – which to my surprise was a pretty large venue. The inside was beautiful, most of the furnishings made of wood, with a huge dance floor in front of the stage.

We saw the opener, Jake Dodds, who we kept trying to get to flirt with one of my new friends (that I met while waiting in line). I believe he kept giving us the *flirtatious* eyes.

Eventually Chase came out & I barely remember any part of his set (oops, lol). I did get a couple videos SO ENJOY. Just disappointed because I either didn’t see the only song I knew (Little Bit of You) OR just don’t remember. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this one, but I do know that I had LOADS of fun & did a little line dancing too (which definitely isn’t my preferred style of dancing).

So I’d give this review a 2 out of 10. Sorry, I suck.

One thing I can definitely say is that I didn’t have post concert depression…

The next morning, The Post Concert Hangover set in…