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This is not a post about a recent show of Cal’s, although I’ve seen him live my fair share of times. I wanted to change things up a bit & let ya know bout his new ALBUUUUM.

So, I’ve followed and supported Cal’s music since I saw him open at a Timeflies show in 2012. I have always been a fan, but you could say I kept my distance. Didn’t follow as closely as I did other artists, etc. BUT PLEASE, let me tell you. He just released a project called Unsigned & I am OBSESSED. I have never listened to his music on repeat as much as I have with this album [except for his song Ain’t Shit Changed with Chris Brown].

A few highlights are:

Shut Up – this song is a BANGA. & Cal starts the song going OFF on why labels suck & try to control you. I FEEL YOU BRO (even tho I ain’t an artist it seems like some bull to me, tehe). Chorus is catchy, and just an all around good song.

Smash Mouth: “150 bitches that can tell you how my dick taste” okaaaaay lollll.

Blink 182 – “If you blink, I bet she gon’ pull a 180 too,” LIKE YAS PLEASE. I’m always a sucker for a good play on words. Also, the line[z] “When I meet Selena I need me at least a Weeknd. I’m already a legend I need a Chrissy Teigen

Instincts – “On Survivor I would vote you off, you and Logan Paul yeah cause like, Logan Paul just ain’t that likeable am I riiiiiight?

NOOOOOW, if you’re a Taylor Swift fan, I’ve noticed a few references on the album – first would be there’s the song that is ACTUALLY named Taylor Swift (obvi). Famous line: “white girls at my show dancing like they’re Taylor Swift” (that is DEFINITELY me). There’s also a line about making seven layer dip & we from OHIO so… just wanted to point out I’m disappointed the line wasn’t about skyline dip. Okaaaaay moving on – there’s also a line in Blink 182 where he says “look what you made me do.” There’s a third one but I literally can’t remember it (hoping my girl Meg will come thru and help me remember – potential update to come).

In conclusion, (am I writing an essay, jeez Jess what the heck) I could continue on and on and on about this album, but it’s probably just time you go listen to it for yourself. He also doing videos for allll da songs (at least I think that’s the plan) so be sure to check those out too.


& for your viewing pleasure, here’s a throwback photo with the man himself.

We are always having Cal Scruby post concert depression…


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