Cal Scruby

We drive by the venue & see a line. We had no expectations of what this show was going to be like. Our (more so mine) experiences have been opening shows or local Ohio shows, where Cal is from. His first headlining tour. HEADLINING.

This. Is. A. Big. Deal.

His first stop of tour: this show. Denver, CO. I can’t explain to you how exciting it was to be at a show outside of Ohio surrounded by other Cal fans (even though people still think his last name is pronounced SCRUB bee – it SCREW be, people).

It’s snowing…not ideal for waiting outside before the doors open. We get there early – my friend & I of course bought VIP, the only way to go to a show when you’ve been following him since 2012.

Eventually we are able to enter the venue & make our way over to the man himself. It had been a few years since I’d seen him, so I was nervvvvvvy. Why? Prob cause I’m a big Cal supporter, but a sucky fan (I sorry Calvin). We catch up, get our picture & then plop our butts on the speakers in the front row. This venue (Lost Lake Lounge) was so small & intimate, which is my favorite kind of venue. You can get an up close & personal show in this kind of place, it even had a disco ball in the middle of ceiling!

Let me start by telling you: there was NO OPENER. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good opener as it gives me the opportunity to see someone I may not have heard of or known otherwise. But, getting right to the nitty gritty & the person I came for: that is the icing on top.

Performing almost all of his legendary Unsigned album, the show starts with none other than: Shut Up. The beginning of the song inundated with a monologue of Cal talking about how people didn’t believe in him, how his old label was BS, & everything people try to tell him about making it in the music industry. Proud of you Cal – you do you, booboo.

Clip of Cal performing Shut Up

The entire show, Cal just spit fire, with everyone around us in the crowd spitting game right along with him. I cannot describe what a cool feeling it is to be at a show where EVERYONE (except me: bad fan, remember?) is rapping all the lyrics along with Cal. An artist who deserves everything he’s worked for. Although, I’ll never personally experience that feeling (thanks to my terrible voice & non musical abilities), that has to be one of the coolest things to experience as an artist.

Continuing to take us through a musical experience: Cal hit us with some upbeat songs [Taylor Swift, Kobe with the Fro, Who are you?], took us down with some very real, very emotional songs [My Anxiety, Worst Day of my Life], & got WeIrD in between them all. I’ll never forget Cal referencing a tweet that he would take a shit on stage if he sold out the show (JOKES, OBVI – if you followed Cal, you’d get his weird humor) & a fan next to us yelling “let’s all shit our pants together.” Let me tell you….that was fckn weird.

Clip of Cal dancing like he’s Taylor Swift

Even though I spent most of my time in the front row pretending to know the lyrics (my brain & mouth cannot compute the lyrics & raps that encompasses Cals songs), I had a very real moment when it got to the point in the show for the song: My Anxiety. I’ve been in a weird season in life, more anxious than normal, more stressed than normal, & a lot of change happening outside of my control. I’ve felt off balance & sometimes not like myself. God is definitely testing me & teaching me to rely on Him right now, but this song really resonated with some of how I’ve been feeling. I shed a few tears listening to the lyrics, these one’s especially:

I’m looking happy online but it’s not what you think
I’m losing touch if I’m touching a screen
One minute, I think I love everybody
And then I’m like fuck everything

For anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression, the lyrics of this entire song put so many feelings into words. It’s crazy how perfectly Cal describes it. If anything, I hope this song can help anyone who may be feeling that way, to help them get out of that head space, & to make people realize they’re not alone, even if it may feel that way.

We eventually find ourselves at the end of the show: Kobe with the Fro. Cal expresses that he is unable to do an encore, but whaddya kno, he comes back out & performs one of his classics; Wasted. Us bitches for sure got basic. It was the BEST way to round out the first night of tour. To top it off, his manager advised against hanging after shows with fans, but here we were: waiting in line again to spend some quality time with Cal himself.

The amazing night still lingering in my mind, a month and a half later. That is post concert depression, y’all…

Photo with Cal Scruby & his DJ Tron after the show

Matt Stell & Tyler Dial

FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS. We’re back & gonna give you a good ole review of a countrayyyy concert (woo!). Want to first start by thanking BBVA for putting on a FREE mo’freakin concert cause FREE CONCERTS ARE WHERE IT’S AT, am i right or am i right?

I was super pumped to hear about this show because I got the lovely pleasure of being introduced to Tyler Dial the last time he was here (with BBVA as well – brand ambassador, what upppp). He impressed me so much the first time, had to go back for seconds (why am I talking about him as if he a snack? haaaaaa).

Okay MOVING ON. My anticipation was at an all time high for this show because I (& most of the country world at the moment) am obsessed with Matt Stell’s #1 Hit “Prayed For You.” It just hits you in all the feels & I was so excited to hear it live. He was just an added bonus of getting to see Tyler again!

Concert time arrives & my friends & I enter da venue, get our super official laminates/credentials because it was a private, RSVP only event (it sounds bougier than it was, but ya know, it’s called enhancing the truth). We head on downstairs where the concert awaits. Me, the concert nerd that I am, immediately clock Tyler chin chillin in a booth with his guitar player. But then here I am, nervy AF but thankfully he comes walking right out, only for us to bump into each other & me to introduce myself.

We eventually find our way towards the stage, awaiting Tyler to start his set. Lucky for us, he gave us some insight into some of his new music that he’s been working on. I always find it awesome to hear a song live before an artist actually releases it. Makes me feel special & being able to experience that before anyone else just has a special place in my heart. My absolute favorite part of his set list, though, was his newest release, “About Last Night,” where crowd interaction was involved (heyyyyyyyyyyyy HEYYYYY, alright ALRIIIIIGHT – just watch the video below if reading it doesn’t satisfy your desires). I, as a fan, failed to have listened to this song before but it is for sure my new favorite. He also threw out Tshirts that said “about last night” on them & myself & another girl caught it at the same time. She gave it up pretty quickly though, soooooo I scored on that front.

He also performed “Repaint” which I think highlights that country twang side of his voice & is one of my favorite songs of his. VIDEO BELOW.

I really want to touch on one of the last songs he performed called “Damn Denver” (because HELLO IT’S GOT MY CITY’S NAME IN IT). Not sure why but I always take much pride in representing places I live or have lived. Anyways, he starts out by telling us how he wrote it about a girl he used to date who moved to Denver & that it didn’t end up working out for them (at least I don’t think so but the song lyrics seem to point to that). He talks about how Denver “made her dream up a mile high” (UM CATCHY PLAY ON WORDS, TYLER, I LURVE IT) & how he couldn’t compete with such a beautiful city (you right, Tyler, Denver is BEAUTIFUL). The song just has good catchy vibes for the “heartbreak-ness” tone of the song. Y’ALL, it comes out in the spring so BE ON THE LOOKOUT. If you can’t wait that long (because neither can I, I’ve got a short clip below for your viewing pleasure)

Wowza, I typically never write that much about the opening act but obviously I enjoy his music & had a lot to say, OKAY.

The great thing about this private event, though, is that it wasn’t like a typical concert where you have to wait at least 30 minutes for the next artist. 15 minutes flew by and Matt Stell came roaring on out to the stage (with his dope ass band btw – one with a silver sparkly guitar and another with a fro. I was into it, f’sho). First impression: he was a lot taller than I was expecting him to be. Though I couldn’t tell you most of the names of the songs he played, he had MAD ENERGY the entire time he was playing. He even got so hype I think he kept stepping on his guitar line (I think that’s what it’s called where it connects into your guitar and the amp but…I ain’t no artist so my knowledge of that is lacking lol).

Lots of things to note, though. I was listening to him on Spotify (Spotify > Apple Music, am I right?) before the show & came across a song called “Last Habit” which I am obsesssssed with. I thought I got a video of him performing it, but I guess not (LAMEEE). He also played a song called “Everywhere But On” which is the title of his latest EP. I enjoyed the lyrics of this song as he talks about traveling everywhere and doing everything but moving on (lyric: moving “everywhere but on”). Just a nice play on words, ja feel meh?

He also did a cover of “God is a woman” by Ariana Grande & let me just tell you, HIS VERSION WAS FIRE. A slowed down, acoustic cover & his ability to “adlib” (is that the word for singing really fast?). I’m not sure but he absolutely CRUSHED it.

Matt also OBVIOUSLY, played his banger, banger “Prayed for you” towards the end of the set & my favorite moment was towards the end of the song where he had the crowd sing it back to him (which is still one of the coolest things to experience, I would think, as an artist). It’s hard to put into words, so just see if for yaself below.

After this, Matt left the stage & my mind was, oh show’s done. NOPE, he comes back out for more (which I’m not complaining about at all – but check out my thoughts on encores here). He ended with a cover of a Travis Tritt song & also one of his own songs. Again, couldn’t tell you the name but it was hypeeeeee as hell (wow great content Jess….lol).

Once the show was over, they set up a FREE (there’s that word again) meet and greet with Matt so we obviously had to jump on that. When it came to our turn, I walked up and gave him a big ole hug (hopefully I don’t scare artists when I do this but it seems less personal any other way) & discussed hopefully getting to see him when he comes back in a couple weeks to play the Grizzly Rose (a staple country venue here in Denver). Also, hey Matt, wanna hook me up with tickets? (cc ya manager Cory. P.s. sorry if that’s not how he spells his name). We took our photo & then I ended it with YO CHECK OUT MY BLOG. So Matt, if you find yourself reading this, HEY.


To top off the evening, I also got a photo with Tyler himself & then ended up meeting him & his friends out after for a little. We did a “mini interview” on my Instagram stories but a follow up interview should be to follow (STAY TUNED).


I am on cloud nine right now, but when that PCD hits, man it’s gonna be hard to bear…


Get this – imagine standing on a stage, immersed between / in the mountains, looking up at 9,000 people who paid to come watch YOUR show. Imagine then remembering back to how it all started: street performing in New York City. Busking. Random strangers of the city passing by as if you were nobody. NOW, you are performing for 9,000 people who came to support. To feel the energy. To sing along to every song.

“We made it” is probably the phrase AJR has been saying ever since their song “Weak” flowed through the radio world & sky rocketed as their biggest hit a few years back. But this time, after playing Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO, the words “we made it” probably hit harder than ever. One of the most iconic venues (in my opinion) in the world & AJR sold that bitch out. Hell, it was sold out even before I bought my ticket to go.

I can’t even begin to tell you peepholes (peoples) how INSANE their show was. I’m still in utter and complete AWE of how creative these guys are with every. single. thing that they do. From the production. To the crowd interaction. To the creative thinking that went in to the performance of each song. I wish I could just post a video here of the entire show because honestly, words can’t even being to describe the magnitude / greatness of the show. They had lit up platforms on the stage. A massive screen [what I will refer to as the “big ass screen”] behind them with graphics that were out of this world. A dope ass trumpet player. & let’s not forget their killer dance moves – so nerdy but just AJR vibez for sure.

To start – the lights (obvi) go dark, the crowd goes wiiiiiiild (of course), & all we see is typing on that big ass screen I mentioned above. I don’t remember the exact wording but it went somewhat like: “Hey. Can’t come out yet. Gotta push the show back (awkward pause) fuck it lets start the show” – and the next hour and a half, I blacked out.

JUST KIDDING. Where to start, though. Let’s just rattle off some highlights & hopefully I can convey this to you as great as it was to see live:

First off, on the rocks in the venue, they had “Welcome to the Neotheater” displayed for all to see. I’m not sure if they do this at their other shows in the venues, but it almost felt as if Red Rocks was transformed into the actual Neotheater. I was LIVING for it.

During “The Entertainment’s Here,” Jack was walking on a treadmill (YES, A TREADMILL) on the stage in front of some graphics showing him “walking” through the city. Check the vid below.

They also created a setting during “I’m Not Crazy” that portrayed that of their street performing days in NYC, even having people in their crew walk across the stage and putting “money” in their guitar case. Jack even saying “thank you, man” as if they were still street performing. Made for a funny, lighthearted moment during the set.

There was also a part during the show where Jack & Ryan explained/showed us their creative process when they are making a song (different samples, editing, what sounds they choose & then mixing them up from there). I love when artists do this during a show that explains and gives a background to their thought process during the making of a song. I feel like it’s rare these days to see that & gives the fans a little more insight into them (because the average person has no fckn clue what goes into making a song). I unfortunately didn’t video this part because I was so in the moment.

One of my [second] FAVORITE parts of the show was the segue way leading into their performance of “Come Hang Out.” Jack uses the big ass screen to give the illusion that he is painting. He “paints” two larger versions of himself who he then uses to clap with to create the beat of the song. As I said before, the creativity of their set: MIND BLOWN. If you didn’t watch any of the previous videos, you CANNOT skip this one.

Another part I unfortunately didn’t get a video for was a part in their set where the trumpet player [who killed it, btw] played little snippets of other songs that they didn’t play the fuof during their set [because as Ryan said, they have too many songs these days that they had to pick and choose what to play during the set – sad day because they didn’t do “I’m Not Famous” and I go so hard to that song].

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – the most INCREDIBLE part of the show was the finale. A few songs before their final song, everyone on stage came back out wearing these all black jumpsuits with white lines. I immediately knew – they’re going to blackout the stage and light up themselves. JUST WATCH FOR YOURSELF, PLZ. So magical & the most insane way to end a show.

I first saw these guys play at a venue in Columbus, OH in 2014, at a radio show, to probably less than 100 people. The tiniest of venues. Going from that to seeing them play to 9,000 people at Red Rocks – my heart is just so happy for them. Such genuine, humble dudes, changing the world with their music, one day at a time.

If you get a chance, check them out on the rest of their tour:

Spencer Sutherland

HI FWIENDS. I’m just here to let y’all know about one of my favorite & definitely underrated artists who also KILLS IT live. Also cool to support an artist from ya home – Columbus, OH!

I’ve seen Spencer before but in very different settings & never a headline show (well, duh, because this is his first headline tour…) and I could sit here all day & hype you up about him because he is just THAT good.

I was able to catch Spencer on tour last week in Denver, CO at Globe Hall. First & foremost, the jacket he wore I am dyinggggg to cop one of my own (see below). Hello glitter. Hello glam. Hello FUNTIMES.

I’m sitting here racking my brain as to what Spencer opened with but my mind just cannot remember (hence why I should probably write these things right after the show…epic fail, Jessica). Let me just give you a run down – Spencer gave us some HEAVY vocals throughout the whole set, from his high pitched “That’s my sweater” lyric [which Sweater is an amazing song, btw & omg his voice! Check tha vid belooow] to his runs during “Tell me” to the choir-y chorus in “None of this has been about you” – the entire set was a banger. Not to mention he completely pulled off a version of Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” that had my friend saying his version was better. Hats off to you Spence [I say Spence as if we are buddies…lol]

On another note, he gave us a few acoustic songs & also a remix on one of them going ham on his sound board (giving me AJR vibez, for sure). Different beats. Mixing it up. I always love those little things during a live performance. It adds an extra flair that you can’t really get on just hearing the track. One of my FAVORITE moments during his show, though, was hearing the crowd sing almost EVERY song back to him. I can’t even imagine as an artist to play a show & have the fans sing words that you wrote back to you. What a moment that has to be.

Like I said, I’ve seen Spencer before (pretty sure I was at his first ever live performance, evah – hello WNCI Spring Beats — ANNND I just googled that & it wasn’t but whatevs, it was in the early dayz). I first heard Spencer on the radio in Columbus with his song “Heartstrings” [which I haven’t actually heard in a good minute] & immediately fell in love. I also am a huge supporter of supporting people from where I’m from (TwentyOne Pilots, Walk the Moon – yassss Ohio). He’s always got a way with words & I just cannot get over how insane his vocals are. Would it be even crazy to say I think his are better than….ADAM LEVINE? ANYWHO, going from seeing him perform at a radio gig to playing a small show in Nashville to his headline tour where people are singing his lyrics back to him?! I feel like a proud mom to see the growth in his music career.

Due to my laziness & lack of commitment at the moment to writing these things, Spencer’s tour ends on 8/28 [lol, in 5 days] BUT if for some reason you happen to read this beforehand, catch him on tour [but like, he’ll obvs be around & touring again, OKAY OKAY]:

  • August 23 – BROOKLYN, NY
  • August 24 – CAMBRIDGE, MA
  • August 25 – WASHINGTON DC
  • August 27 – ATLANTA, GA
  • August 28 – NASHVILLE, TN

Tickets here.

I also can’t complete this post without highlighting the amazing openers:


So she’s a local Denver artist & by golly, if she doesn’t blow up I will have a fit. I can’t even explain her voice but it has SO MUCH POWER. I also missed the moment, but she was spittin game / rapping to (I believe) Cardi B & even from outside in the bar area, I was like WOAH WHAT IS HAPPENING. Please watch the video below & you betta not tell me her voice isn’t anything but fiyah.

Justice Carradine

Hate to admit this, but didn’t know who he was before the show (but that’s the beauty of concerts & openers – you get to discover new artists! YAY). He performed his new single “Dangerous Love” & I am feelin’ it I tell you. This kid seems like he on the up & up & I will not be surprised if he is a NAAAAME one day.

See “Dangerous Love” below

&& if you’re a Shawn Mendes fan, this acoustic number he did during his set gives me alllll the Shawn vibes. ENJOY!

Signing off with that PCD, yo.

Garth Brooks

Imagine a stadium full of people (around 84,000 but who’s counting) just joyfully cheering your name & singing along to the songs you’ve written, recorded, & performed so many times. I just can’t even imagine what kind of feeling that produces in someone’s heart.

Well, that’s probably what Garth Brooks was feeling when performing at Mile High Stadium. The amount of energy the crowd brought alone made the concert experience that much more top notch (except for the guy next to me STOMPING, I mean STOMPING, to show his excitement instead of clapping and cheering like any normal human).

To be honest, though, I never really had the desire to go see Garth. I’m a newbie “bro country” fa, if you will, versus Garth’s classic style of country music. Yeah, hate me for that, but whatever. To each their own. But when a last minute ticket came up, how could I say no?! Let me tell you, I was so glad I was able to go and experience it. I knew maybe one song but was so in awe of him. The production. His lyrics.

I was especially moved when he sang Unanswered Prayers – it was almost a moment of worship for me & really spoke to my heart. “Just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care. Some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” PREACH IT GARTH.

Now that I’ve been doing production for my church, that seems to be all I notice at concerts anymore. I’m always amazed at what kind of tricks are up the sleeves of the production crew when it comes to large events such as this one. I wasn’t sitting in the highest, upper section but I’m assuming they were given some sort of hand held lights that were controlled by Garth’s production team. There were many songs that were lit up & went along to the music & it was S’COOL. I guess instead of me explaining, just watch da video below 😎

I had to leave the show early as I had to work (woo, night shift) but all I really cared about was hearing Friends in Low Places & I did so I was a happy camper. Woo for that! Brings me back to the days when I lived in Nashville & the bars on broadway were swarming with this song. OVERALL, I was NOT disappointed. Now, I am fiening to actually listen to his music & attend another concert so I can belt out every lyric (it’s just more fun that way, don’t you think?)

I am DEF feeling that post concert depression, yo….

Maren Morris

My friend & I were standing pretty side stage but a few rows back from the front. We were at an angle & could see Maren fairly well. I’ve never been that person who needs to be front & center (okay, maybe @ Timeflies shows) but even so, if I’m even remotely close to the front but on the side of the stage, that’s totally fine with me. No heads in my way, not much to peer through. To see someone so close, as if you were there with them just hanging out, is a feeling you don’t get anywhere else.

Cassadee Pope (luh her) struts herself on the stage – couldn’t tell you her set but she played my FAVE, “Bring Me Down Town” which is a total play on words & I LURVE. Puh lease check it out (on her new album, Stages, DUH). What I loved about her set, though, is she was totally interactive with her fans. She kept pointing & smiling at people (which not all artists do this) but it adds to the excitement when you see someone live. You’ve been seen. They know you. They see you. Jammin out with you. It adds a personal touch & gives you that moment where it feels like it’s just you & them. Let’s throw it back a notch, though, cause she mentioned during her set that she played that venue (The Fillmore) 10 years ago opening for Fallout Boy (w/ her old band Hey Monday – please be with me on this: jammin out to their song Homecoming in high school emo music dayz). A total 180 – now she was there opening with country music & for one of the hottest female artists at the moment.

After her set, she said she would be meeting fans by the merch table & of course, my friend & I had to go say hello (even though I met her before when I lived in Nashville). It was pretty much a mob of people, instead of a line (but what else would you expect?) so I just felt crammed & when meeting her a little rushed because of all the people. If you’ve met artists in this way, you feel my pain. I appreciate that she took her time to meet everyone, though, because some people won’t do that. Again, gives you more of a personal experience than just attending the show.

BUT, Maren Morris, y’all. That girl is straight FIYAH. I can’t even begin to express how in awe of her that I am. I spent most of the concert just wanting to trade outfits (you can capture that beauty in the video below).  Well, I guess voices as well because this B cannot sing AT ALL. The notes she can hit. The tone she has. It’s as if she doesn’t even have to try. Effortless.

I wanted to touch mostly on her song Girl: the chorus.

Girl, won’t you stop your cryin’?
I know that you’re tryin’
Everything’s gonna be okay
Baby girl, don’t you hang your head low
Don’t you lose your halo
Everyone’s gonna be okay
Baby girl

Especially – don’t you hang your head low, don’t you lose your halo. Can we shout WOMEN EMPOWERMENT?! I mean, come on! I am a superfan of women supporting women. Keep your halo. Keep your head up. Keep pushing on because you deserve to shine & stand out. Don’t let anyone or anything bring you down & if they do, you pick yourself up & fight back.

That song was probably the stand out of the show. It moved me. I’m sure it moved others as well. If you’ve ever felt down & need a reminder that everything’s going to be okay. It’s so crazy how lyrics like that can truly change peoples lives & may be just what they need to get moving & motivated again to believe in themselves.

It’s been a little while since this show, & y’all, I’m still having post concert depression…

Catch Maren on the Girl World Tour: 

Tyler Rich & Tyler Dial

aye peoples – so this post is about the tyler’s. I want to first shout out BBVA & AXS for putting on this free event at the Skyline Beer Garden in downtown Denver. It was such a cute little outdoor beer garden & was a great afternoon to enjoy some free live music.

Moving to Denver from Nashville, I’ve become keen to the country music scene. I saw Tyler Rich host his own night of Whiskey Jam (which is ICONIC & something you have to do if you visit Nashville – but during the weekday) & was blown away by him. I then have said since then that he is going to blow up. He is, for lack of a better term, amazing (if you read my blog, I am so super descriptive *sarcasm*). LOL. Okay moving on. If we’re being honest here, I’ve always supported Tyler BUT have slacked in actually downloading & keeping up with his music. UNTIL, he released The Difference.

(I also was late to work b/c I stayed to hear this song – oops)

This song is such a sappy love song about loving someone (probs his supes hot fiance). Tyler has a grit in his voice that I’m not quite able to compare to anyone else (granted, I’m not too familiar with older – I’m a bro country fan, if you will). If you’re not hip to him already, YA SHOULD BE.

He also performed a new song influenced by his fiance. I never got confirmation on the name of the song but I believe it’s called Leave Her Wild. It’s about accepting the person you’re with & letting them be them. Don’t try to change them. Let them do their thing. Have their independence. At least that’s what I took/take from the song. PLEASE, if anything, you have to watch this video & listen to the song. I hope once it’s released, its a bop & all over country radio (Bobby Bones, I’m looking at you).

His EP comes out this Friday (9/21/18), so go check it out, y’all.

Now time to talk about Tyler Dial. Before this show, I had never heard of him, but I sure as hell do now & have nothing but great things to say about him. He gave me more old school country vibes (okay, I may know soooooooomething but not much). There was also a point in the show where he went out into the beer garden, hopped up on the table & got involved with the crowd. WISHHH I had a video but I was too into the moment. However, thanks to the man himself, Tyler sent me this video so ENJOY!

P.s. he just released an EP as well and I got it downloaded to jam, you should too.

And to finish it off, I’m still dealing with that PCD, so hope to see these men’s sooner rather than later…