Chase Matthew & Kidd G @ The Grizzly Rose

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What an entertaining show. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. Chase Matthew, Kidd G & Avery Anna absolutely crushed this.

Going into this show I didn’t know who any of them were & these are my favorite kind of shows. No expectations, just the freedom to discover some great music. I wish I could explain to you the energy that graced the stage.

Let’s back track a little though. We gotta start out with Avery Anna – she seems like such a genuine kind hearted soul just from the short set I got to see of her up there doing her thing. Her voice is INCREDIBLE and it was just her and the keys. No back up, no band. This really allows for the pure talent to shine through. And it definitely did. Kudos, Anna.

Next up was Kidd G – the heart and passion that shone through during his set was unmatched. He gave “let’s have a good fucking time” energy. My absolute favorite part of his set was when he threw a curve ball and started spitting bars. If you’re familiar with The Grizzly Rose, you’ll know that it’s VERY country. And some of those old country folks do not appreciate the combo of rap & country (kinda like when Ryan Charles came through). I am not one of those people. Unique and non-genre specific is my FAVORITE.

Onto the main act, we’ve got Chase Matthew. Whew, this guy is beyond what I would have expected. First off, him & Kidd G’s energy and stage presence remind me of my favorite band, Timeflies, and it was a very nostalgic feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Kidd G came out multiple times during Chase’s set, rocked and had a good time, & had some fun spraying the crowd.

We also got a couple surprise guests – tour manager for Chase Matthew, Michael Caden & Tik Tok sensation Atlus.

Michael Caden, Musician & Chase’s Tour Manager

Atlus, Musician

Additionally, while Michael Caden was on stage, Chase decided to switch it up and rocked out on the drums. I mean, the movement on the stage just kept up that element of surprise and spontaneity that made it that much more fun to be a part of. I mean it may have been pre-planned but I want to innocently believe that it wasn’t.

Basically, you need to get your butts to see any of these artists if they come to your city. OK? Ok.

Chase Matthew

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Kidd G

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Avery Anna

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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