Kip Moore w/ Hailey Whitters @ Grizzly Rose

Enter 106.7 Bull Bash with Kip Moore and Hailey Whitters on November 16, 2022. Radio shows are always fun because it throws a curveball in my normal routine. We’ve got announcements, meet and greets, sponsors and more. Let’s just say, The Grizzly Rose was alive and well for this one.

So I normally get to shows at the rose when the opener goes on around 8pm. For this one, though, since it was a little different, I ended up getting there around 7pm and thank goodness I did because I was asked to take the meet & greet photos. This was exciting as I had never done that before. Lots of pressure though because you want to make sure the people like their photos. Aside from meet and greet, I also got to meet my longtime insta friend Chelsea who works for the radio station. Hi, Chelsea (if you’re reading).

When it comes to the show, I had such a good time. Hailey was so cute during her set. She kept talking about how she recently got married (so cute!). She also was cheersin’ and drinkin on stage and just overall having a good ass time. When it comes to Kip Moore’s set, he was so entertaining to watch. He had a whole handle of alcohol (couldn’t tell you what kind or brand) that he was drinking on during his set. It gave me more of a rock and roll feel mixed with country. Which, I love a mixed genre type of vibe, so I was about it.

Kip Moore

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2022 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2022 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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  1. Hi you did a great job with the Kip Photos he’s always on the move, you did great captureing him in photo, also FYI Kip always has a bottle of Jack Daniel’s number 7 on stage every night 😂😊 I am glad that you enjoyed his concert I wish more people would play his music and make him #1 like he is to us the fans n groupies hope to see ya around cheers 🥃🥃 ##1slowheartfan

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