Parmalee @ The Grizzly Rose

I have SO MUCH to say about Parmalee. Like…I feel like sometimes I know of artists but until I see them live, I don’t realize how amazing they are. I really need to step it up and be on top of it because WOW.

First…we NEED to talk about Matt Thomas’ voice (lead singer). They did multiple covers (Lizzo, Justin Bieber x The Kid Laroi, & The Killers). But we have to talk about Stay (Biebs x Laroi) – the notes in that song are just INSANE. Matt hit EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I was literally JAW to the FLOOR. During the covers and their entire set.

Surprisingly, I knew more of their songs than I thought. I had seen them WAY back in the day when they opened for Jake Owen. TBH, it had been so long that I forgot how much I liked them. I really never came across them in my Nashville days so I seriously was just out of the loop. Their music is more of the modern country music that I absolutely love (i.e. Chris Lane or Sam Hunt). Every song was a BOP & had the ability for you to sing the lyrics & catch on, even if you weren’t familiar with the song(s) beforehand.

My favorite part of the set was how interactive their bass player (Barry Knox) was. You can kind of see in the photos his charismatic energy and he kept finding the camera to give me some good shots. We always love an on stage model who can have fun with the photographer. So, thank you for that Barry.

All I’m saying is…Parmalee is the shit and they deserve all the success and more!


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