Blurryface and Chill w/ Megan Grippa

Blurryface and Chill
Post Concert Depression
Post Concert Depression
Blurryface and Chill w/ Megan Grippa

Here you have it, our third episode: Blurryface and Chill. We’ve invited our friend Megan Grippa (the third member of Megs and Eggs) on the pod and we dive into her and Meg’s obsession with Twenty One Pilots, behind the scenes info regarding TøP and the meaning behind why they do what they do, including being open about their mental health. Hence, Blurryface and Chill. Meg also tells us about what music means to her & what draws us each to a song or artist. We also recommend our artist of the week, so go check em out.

Meg: Connor James

Jess: Public

Megan Grippa: Matt Maeson

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Intro & Outro music: “Tuff Data” by Vans in Japan (provided by Youtube’s Audio Library)


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