I’ve had my fair share of experience attending concerts, buying concert tickets, etc. I’m here to give any & all advice based on that experience. Hopefully I can be of some help to those new to this wooooorld.

Tips for Creating a Banger Spotify Playlist

Are you ever looking for the best way to create a playlist? Post Concert Depression provides Spotify playlist tips on the blog.

Drive-In Concerts

Has quarantine interrupted the fulfillment you get from going to a concert? Post Concert Depression discusses what concerts may look like in the future. Drive-In Concerts may be the new normal for live music.

Tips For Attending Bonnaroo

ROOOOOOOOO. This is probably one of my favorite music experiences I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Music festivals are where it’s at, yo. The first year I got to go to Bonnaroo was in 2016 – I had won a day trip (thanks do615) from Nashville to attend one day of the festival. We got…

10 Tips to Get Over Your Post Concert Depression

For those of you like me, you experience post concert depression fairly often. I’m here to try to help you relieve that post concert depression. I’ve put together a list of things you can do to try to relieve that depression & clear your mind. Enjoy! ONE: Plan your next concert It’s always a good idea…

Tips for Finding Tickets to Sold Out Concerts

The past couple weeks I’ve missed out on going to Kygo, Hayley Kiyoko, & Post Malone because the concert was sold out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tickets cheap enough through my tips below to be able to go. HOWEVER, if I’m determined, I’d like to say I’m pretty good at finding tickets to sold…

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