Are Virtual Concerts the New Normal?

We’re all suffering from no concert depression, am I right?

I fully regret not taking advantages of concerts when they were so readily available to me. Which could be said for a lot of stuff in our world right now. We’re grieving (in a way) what we lost. Is this the new normal?

I’ve only gotten a chance to watch a few virtual concerts and a few things I’ve noticed:

  • They were prerecorded (probably for editing sake)
  • No production (to be expected under the circumstances)
  • Some of them are “from the archives” (so just old videos…..)

These just don’t give me the excitement like I would have if I were going to see an artist live. I’ve had to get used to watching church online, with not having a building to go to. It appears we are going to have to adjust in that same way to experience a concert in our living room. We have to accept it for what it is at the moment, because if we’re being realistic, it will probably be a while until we all can be squished together in a concert venue, getting the true live experience.

I’m very intrigued to see how creative artists will get when it comes to doing a “show.” Will they still do a production like they would if they were touring? Would there be concerts specials on big television networks? What if they were broadcast like an awards show is?

I’m also wondering what live streaming service could handle a large amount of people watching? Hulu live? Netflix live? YouTube live? Could Spotify create a livestream platform for artists to do virtual concerts?


So for now, I guess I can suggest: watch old concert videos, music videos, listen to new music being released. There are also some music platforms doing “virtual concerts” (Live Nation is doing a “Live at Home” series & IHeartRadio is doing a “Living Room Concert” series). We have to take what we can get & adjust to take in whatever we are able to get, for now….

Soon enough we will be back to only suffering from the actual post concert depression….


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