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Social Distance Concerts

So, if you’ve been following my posts – you would have seen my last post, dubbed “No Concert Depression,” where I highlighted my feelings of discontent with not having concerts as one of my outlets. I heavily relied on those few hours to just get away and be in absolute bliss while watching an artist … Read More

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No Concert Depression

Is anyone else really struggling not having a concert as an outlet to free your mind, boost your mood and energy? We are suffering through an unprecedented time which has reduced our social gatherings. It’s really put a damper on my motivation for listening and engaging in music related activities. I have little motivation to … Read More

Artists You Probably Haven’t Heard of

There’s so much music out there, sometimes I feel like artists can go amiss. They stand out but aren’t getting buzz because maybe they don’t have a label, or radio stations aren’t giving them a chance, or whatever else may be the reason. But my ultimate focus is that I love to hype up those … Read More

Can’t Miss Venues

AYOOO HELLLOOOO. I’m having so much FOMO missing some of the greatest venues there are out there. And since we can’t actually go to a concert, let’s just go ahead and reminisce and experience them virtually together, okay?! I am here to tell you that these may be some of the first places you may … Read More

Well Rounded Artists

I’m a big fan of artists who “have it all” – they write their own songs, play their own instruments, produce their own songs & can SAAAANG. There’s something that goes to show someone who has all of these. I think it makes an artists more well rounded & can contribute more to their music … Read More

12 Songs About Being Black in America

Post Concert Depression highlights songs that discuss and address the issues about what it is like to be black in America. Black Lives Matter is discussed within these songs, and the everyday treatment of the black community is addressed throughout these songs as well.

Drive-In Concerts

Has quarantine interrupted the fulfillment you get from going to a concert? Post Concert Depression discusses what concerts may look like in the future. Drive-In Concerts may be the new normal for live music.

Are Virtual Concerts the New Normal?

Coronavirus has really put a dent in the live music scene. Concerts are no longer live and in person like we are used to. Connecting to an artist through a virtual concert may be the normal at the moment. Post Concert Depression discusses these questions and concerts on the blog.

How Will Coronavirus Impact the Concert Scene?

Is anyone else really bummed their escape from their day to day life of attending a concert is indefinitely postponed? The live music industry has severely taken a hit due to coronavirus & I’m absolutely devastated that there’s no solid return date for when concerts will be happening again. I have seen artists hosting virtual … Read More

Phones at Concerts

Does it bother anyone else if the person they’re next to at a show is recording THE ENTIRE TIME? It’s the worst when you’re at a general admission concert, and all you see are phone screens in front of you – this blocks your view even more, especially if you’re short. Now I know this … Read More


The first time I connected with God through worship was when I decided to make church a priority in my life. Someone on stage had said: “If you connect through the lyrics, raise your hands.” I cannot remember what song & I cannot remember the exact lyrics, but there was a moment I could feel … Read More

The Downside of Being a Fangirl

I was 12 shots deep (approx). I was hot. I was front row. I was with my friends. I was enjoying the music. Until I wasn’t… Imagine having to get pulled out of front row at a concert from heat, dehydration & the anxiety felt through all of the above. I’ve always had a love for … Read More

Cal Scruby

This is not a post about a recent show of Cal’s, although I’ve seen him live my fair share of times. I wanted to change things up a bit & let ya know bout his new ALBUUUUM. So, I’ve followed and supported Cal’s music since I saw him open at a Timeflies show in 2012. … Read More

To My Favorite Band

This is an open letter to the band I’ve been following for *GASP* 7 years now. I wish things were the same as they were at the beginning. The excitement of the new. The excitement of the unknown. The excitement of waiting for front row. The excitement of waiting after to see if you’d come … Read More

A new encore?

Have you guys ever been to a show & the artist plays their “last song” & thanks the crowd for a great night? They leave the stage & a few minutes later come back out for their encore? Pretty much the concert expectation these days, right? I’ve always had on my mind to see a … Read More