I’ve been to plenty o concerts in this lifetime, so I figured I’d start writing reviews about da shows, ja feel?

Cal Scruby

We drive by the venue & see a line. We had no expectations of what this show was going to be like. Our (more so mine) experiences have been opening shows or local Ohio shows, where Cal is from. His first headlining tour. HEADLINING. This. Is. A. Big. Deal. His first stop of tour: this … Read More

Matt Stell & Tyler Dial

FRIENDS FRIENDS FRIENDS. We’re back & gonna give you a good ole review of a countrayyyy concert (woo!). Want to first start by thanking BBVA for putting on a FREE mo’freakin concert cause FREE CONCERTS ARE WHERE IT’S AT, am i right or am i right? I was super pumped to hear about this show … Read More


Get this – imagine standing on a stage, immersed between / in the mountains, looking up at 9,000 people who paid to come watch YOUR show. Imagine then remembering back to how it all started: street performing in New York City. Busking. Random strangers of the city passing by as if you were nobody. NOW, … Read More

Spencer Sutherland

HI FWIENDS. I’m just here to let y’all know about one of my favorite & definitely underrated artists who also KILLS IT live. Also cool to support an artist from ya home – Columbus, OH! I’ve seen Spencer before but in very different settings & never a headline show (well, duh, because this is his … Read More

Garth Brooks

Imagine a stadium full of people (around 84,000 but who’s counting) just joyfully cheering your name & singing along to the songs you’ve written, recorded, & performed so many times. I just can’t even imagine what kind of feeling that produces in someone’s heart. Well, that’s probably what Garth Brooks was feeling when performing at … Read More

Maren Morris

My friend & I were standing pretty side stage but a few rows back from the front. We were at an angle & could see Maren fairly well. I’ve never been that person who needs to be front & center (okay, maybe @ Timeflies shows) but even so, if I’m even remotely close to the … Read More

Tyler Rich & Tyler Dial

aye peoples – so this post is about the tyler’s. I want to first shout out BBVA & AXS for putting on this free event at the Skyline Beer Garden in downtown Denver. It was such a cute little outdoor beer garden & was a great afternoon to enjoy some free live music. Moving to … Read More

Mat Kearney

TBH, i’m just adding this for content on the blog list of concert reviews so it looks like I gots all of it (which I DOOOOOO but ya know, business). This was a free rooftop summer concert hosted by Denver radio station Alice 105.9 & I had to work so literally by the time he … Read More

Harry Styles

I feel like such a bad fangirl writing this concert review TWO MONTHS post show. Because the amount of energy & excitement I had after this show was INSANE. I have been literally working my arse off every day & when I have time off, been hiking, soooooo MY B. Let me first start off … Read More

Dua Lipa

DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have nothing but great things to say about her. However, the show she had at the Fillmore in Denver was cut short after only 3 songs. Let me just say, yes, I was salty AF. I have seen her before, though, && she rescheduled, so I guess it’s all good. Going into this … Read More

Modest Mouse

Soooo….I haven’t really had the motivation to write this blog post (& the show was probably over a month ago), probably because I wasn’t overly excited about it. I mean, it was a decent show, but I definitely am not ranting and raving about it. Just being honest here. The only song I knew was … Read More

Chase Bryant

I debated even “writing” this review because to be honest, I don’t really remember the concert. It was a Saturday & I was trying to get my drink on, hence why I don’t remember much. The concert was at The Grizzly Rose – which to my surprise was a pretty large venue. The inside was … Read More


This review is kind of overdue, however, this show was just *about* a week ago (about a week agoooooo) that took place at Globe Hall in Denver. Shout out to Do303 for hooking me up with tickets & grateful for that because I definitely wouldn’t have gone to this show on my own accord (as … Read More

X Ambassadors

LISTEN UP – X Ambassadors is the most underrated band, I swear. Even before the concert last night at Red Rocks (which is AMAZE bee tee dubs), they weren’t really on my radar, besides the songs I knew from the radio (i.e. Renegades & Unsteady). I am completely floored & flabbergasted by them. First of … Read More

Camila Cabello

It’s been 5 days since I attended this show last Wednesday at the Paramount Theater in Denver, CO — as a part of her Never Be The Same tour — & I am still depressed that it is over. I keep going & watching Instagram stories of the shows following mine trying to relive that … Read More


OH BOY. I’m starting a blog. Let’s be real though — this wouldn’t be my blog if my first post wasn’t about my absolute favorite band, Timeflies. This past Sunday was my final show of their Too Much To Dream tour. My journey started in Altanta, GA to Columbus, OH & ended in Denver, CO. … Read More

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