DUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I have nothing but great things to say about her. However, the show she had at the Fillmore in Denver was cut short after only 3 songs. Let me just say, yes, I was salty AF. I have seen her before, though, && she rescheduled, so I guess it’s all good.

Going into this show, I was going alone & bought my ticket a few days before. The day of, I was honestly just exhausted and was not really feeling like going. But, I know her live performance is HYYYYPE so, on I went. I drove myself & parked on a side street near the venue, only to get out of my car to hear the sound of my front tire blowing out air. I GOT A FLAT, y’all. Thank goodness this nice man helped me change my tire (as I literally am clueless when it comes to that stuff) – blessssss his heart. I wish I could thank him over and over and over. Was definitely not the best way to start the evening, but I was extremely grateful for the help & that I wasn’t going to miss the show because of it.

So I walk my arse to the venue, right before the opener was about to go on. I don’t even remember her name soooo had to Google: it was Clairo. I definitely enjoyed her vocals, however, not the hypest set to get prepared for Dua. I’d also never heard of her before & enjoy getting to know new artists, but I was just meh about her as an opener.

So once Clairo was done, we finally (obvi) are at the point where they setting up for the gal of the evening. The anticipation. Excitement. ALL OF IT.


DUA IS HERE! She comes out to a song I can’t remember (I have a bad memory, gimme a break). Second, she played Blow My Mind (*MUAH*) which I absolutely LOVED when it came out. The MUAH just makes it that much better.

She plays her third song & then all the confusion set in. I have NEVER been to a show that was cut short in the middle. I’m not here to hate, I understand things happen & artists have to do what’s best for them, but I can’t sit here and say I wasn’t disappointed. It was just a day where one thing after the other kept happening & had I known it was going to be cancelled, I could have stayed home all snuggled up in bed binge watching some dumb reality show (guilty pleasure) instead. When Dua left the stage before she came out to tell us the sad news, she was gone for a good 20 minutes. The whole crowd was so confused. Her entire band got off stage. Lights came back on. We were all just hoping she was okay but also like, wtf????

You can watch here her heartfelt cancellation & apology, courtesy of another fan on Instagram:

I also can’t end this post without crediting the stage production. It was beyond what I’d seen at her previous shows. When she went into her 3rd song, I was confused as I could not find her on stage, only to then realize she was on top of a platform, belting her heart out. I absolutely loved it, as sometimes when you’re at a general admission show, it can be hard to see the artist when on stage, as you have to peer through other heads to get a glimpse (on my tippy toes most of the time). It was cool to see her on top of the wooooorld (okay, that was cheez-y, whatevs). Enjoy this vid:

I’ll leave you with this, a photo of the crowd after we all heard the news. Some people left & some lingered, still discussing what we had just experienced.

OF COURSE, after just a taste, The Post Concert Depression set in…


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