OH BOY. I’m starting a blog. Let’s be real though — this wouldn’t be my blog if my first post wasn’t about my absolute favorite band, Timeflies.

This past Sunday was my final show of their Too Much To Dream tour. My journey started in Altanta, GA to Columbus, OH & ended in Denver, CO. You could say I’m a little obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed). I’ve been following them for 6 years and am the ultimate promoter of them & their music. The group consists of Cal Shapiro & Rob “Rez” Resnick (who are absolute gems) from New York & New Jersey…met in college & the rest is history — also, I’m not going to bore you with the details because any other interview they’ve done can give you those details. Supes repetitive if you’ve been following them for as long as I have.

It feels weird writing a review of their show considering I’ve been to so many I’ve lost count. The show this past Sunday in Denver was a literal dream (haha, punny). I went back to my olden days & rocked out in the front row; my body was regretting it the next day (it also didn’t help my friend, Megan, & I were out drinking the entire day before hand). The show always starts out with about a 7 minute intro, where Rez creates a mashup of majority popular songs, to get the crowd hyped. The intro always starts with the classic, “ABC, easy as 1, 2, 3” – as soon as I hear those words, I’m perked up & ready to rage!

BUT BUT BUT, let’s back it up. We’re also here to praise the openers, who always seem to be long forgotten at concerts. First up was Baby Raptors, a New York based group, with lead singer Tora Fisher. She’s got an amazing voice & killer abs (gimme summa dat, plz). This is their first time on the road & extremely happy it was with Timeflies so I got the chance to be introduced to them. It was also the first time I’ve seen a female opener for them on tour so HELLS YES WOMEN! I also had a moment with them in Columbus & in the front row, Tora recognized me (at least I think that’s what happened) and gave me all the love. Not here to boast, it was just a lovely moment, K!

Next up was Bryce Vine, who brought MAJOR energy & commanded the stage. I’m still having a hard time getting his songs out of my head (especially Drew Barrymore). He also had support from Lvcky Dave (that’s his social media name, so that’s what I will call him). On one or a couple of the songs, Dave played trumpet & it was the most epic shit I’ve ever seen. I was INTO IT. Apologies I don’t know which song(s) it was on. If anyone decides to read this & wants to correct me, FEEL FREE. I’m not perfect nor do I know everything – all I do know is that Bryce had me moving & grooving.

Okay okay, back to Timeflies – intro is coming to an end & its time for the show. Rob comes out just towards the end of the intro & once it’s over, Cal takes the stage, starting with All The Way.  The set consisted of a song from their first release, The Scotch Tape, For You to new songs off their latest release, the To Dream EP, such as Little Bit, Fire, & the absolute grooviest song, Be Easy. Mix in some slow jams such as Stuck With Me & Monsters…and OF COURSE, a bad ass freestyle (b/c YouTube freestyles got them going – go check em out if you haven’t, I DARE YOU). List of topics. Cals mindblowing frees. Beats by Rez. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Let’s not forget, too, Rob always throws it down with a few bad ass remixes to their original songs — to name a few: I Choose U & Swoon (errbody gon’ swoon *fans self*). You may go into a show thinking you’ll hear the original & then be blown away by the different beats. Your ears won’t know what to do with themselves. It brings such a different energy to a concert than I’ve ever experienced.

It also wouldn’t be their set without the most successful of them all: Once in a While. If you don’t know this song yet, you should. (But I’m hopeful Be Easy is the new Once in a While). The show (too soon) comes to an end with Be Easy (&& that song, boooooy it gets me so excited). There’s what I believe you would call “gang vocals” (again, not an expert here) where children sing background throughout the song, letting you know “you’ve got to be easy” & “everything is alright”.  It’s truly an inspiring song & has me in ALL. MY. FEELS. because if you listen to the lyrics, Cal is referencing major TBTs, to their beginning days & it just puts such a smile on my face.

*PSA: somewhere in there too, there’s an encore – it wouldn’t be a concert if there wasn’t an encore, right?*

The show is over *tear* & Cal & Rob thank the crowd & stroll off backstage. But let’s be real, if you’re hardcore like myself, you know you’re going to wait after the show to try to say hello ONE LAST TIME before they’ve got to take off. Soooo, that’s what we do. I’ve inserted some photos below – S’CUTE – of our time before the show in VIP (we bought this, it aint no special thang) && after. Again, true gems.


^^that’s Cal btw && yes, you can sWoOn


^^that’s my friend, Megan (who I call Meg) with Cal & I


^^this is Rob aka Rez aka Uncle Bobby


So we got our pictures, some time to chit chat with them. Ordered our Lyft & eventually headed home.

And then, the Post Concert Depression set in…

Check out all 3 artists below:


Website: timefliesmusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/timeflies

Twitter: @timeflies

Instagram: @timefliesmusic

Spotify: Timeflies

Bryce Vine:

Website: brycevine.com

Facebook: facebook.com/brycevine

Twitter: @brycevine

Instagram: @brycevine

Spotify: Bryce Vine

Baby Raptors:

Website: babyraptors.com

Facebook: facebook.com/babyraptors

Twitter: @baby_raptors

Instagram: @baby_raptors

Spotify: Baby Raptors



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