Tips for Creating a Banger Spotify Playlist

I’m just here to tell you, Spotify > Apple Music. OKAY, OKAY. This is not a post hating on Apple Music – however you get your music fill is up to you. But to those Spotify users out there, I’m here to give you some tips to create a playlist you’ll always run back to, even years later.

For me, when it comes to music, I love to discover artists that I’ve never heard of. That make me feel good. That are not mainstream. Who deserve the recognition for their pure talent. & thank goodness for Spotify, because they have so many avenues to discover new music you may not have heard otherwise.

Discover new music you may not have heard otherwise

When I am interested in creating a new playlist [once I’ve tired out my old one(s)], I always turn to my “Discover Weekly” & “Release Radar” playlists that Spotify automatically curates based on the music I am already listening to. I also like to listen to the “New Music Friday” playlist to see if there’s anything on there that catches my attention.

Another one I like to look at is the “Pop Rising” playlist, for songs that are on the verge of blowing up. There’s always something about being “in-the-know” before other people, don’t you think? You can say, “Oh I heard and listened to them before they blew up,” as if you were the only and first person to hear their music before everyone else did.

There’s always something about being “in-the-know” before other people, don’t you think?

This is how I started listening to the likes of Lewis Capaldi, King Princess, Jeremy Zucker. It’s wonderful when one song can direct you to so many other greats by the same artist. Opening up a whole new world of music.

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Drive-In Concerts

An idea, inspired by an event Keith Urban put on for healthcare workers just outside of Nashville recently. Now this is a concept I can get behind.

Just imagine it, we can all enjoy the experience of a live concert, safely inside our vehicles. The stage could be set up just like it would be at a festival, at a drive-in theater location, or even in a random field outside of the city. Put up two screens on either side of the stage, so those who are not close can still see the artist, while the speakers still protrude the voice of the artist, live in the flesh.

It’s not through a screen. It’s not prerecorded. We still get the lights, the instruments, the background vocals, that we would for a live show. Artists could go on tour, safely. They could still make an income. We could get that concert fill.

So…anyone want to start a new concert venue with me?

Tips For Attending Bonnaroo

ROOOOOOOOO. This is probably one of my favorite music experiences I’ve had the pleasure of attending. Music festivals are where it’s at, yo.

The first year I got to go to Bonnaroo was in 2016 – I had won a day trip (thanks do615) from Nashville to attend one day of the festival. We got to take a bus that dropped us off and picked us up. All the drinking to be had, with no worries about sleeping in a tent or driving home. With Bonnaroo grounds only located about an hour outside of Nashville, it was a pleasant experience. However, this didn’t truly prepare me for the next year where my friends & I spent the entire 4 days at the festival.

First time festival go-ers, we were. And we had no idea how to navigate the grounds, the schedule, & how to manage our time to get the best experience (but by no means am I saying it wasn’t the absolute BEST TIME I’VE HAD). We just didn’t realize to be picky about who we go see, when to nap, & to bring as many fans as we can muster. It was insanely hot during the day, but got super chilly at night. The hot sun would wake you up at daybreak (about 6 or 7 in the morning), interrupting the deep sleep we so desperately needed.

To better equip you for your Bonnaroo experience, here are some tips:

Be choosy about which events you attend

There are multiple stages & things going on all at once (music sets, comedy sets, yoga, & more!), so it can be a little overwhelming. Bonnaroo has an app where you can add the things you want to do to your schedule so you can better manage the fun activities you want to attend. I would suggest preparing this before you get to the festival.

– Take naps during sets you don’t have any investment in

I stayed up for bands I didn’t really care about & couldn’t make it for the big headliner sets past 10pm. If you’re on festival grounds for sets your friends want to see, but you’re not totally crazy about the set, bring a blanket, post up, lay down & close your eyes. You can still enjoy the music this way & maybe take a snooze to re-energize you for the rest of the day/night.

Bring as many portable fans you can get your hands on

Yo – the humidity during the time of Bonnaroo is NO JOKE. When chilling at your campsite with no semi cool air blowing in your face, the sweat just pours out of you. If you do anything, INVEST IN ALL THE FANS. Bring as many portable fans as you can. YOU. WILL. NEED. THEM.

Don’t over drink

Now I know it’s a good ole time to enjoy some beverages and go to a concert, but attending a festival is a whole other ball game. It is a FULL DAY of festivities & rest is hit or miss (hence the naps tip). Don’t go too crazy. Have a nice buzz going all day so you can survive.

Bring a bathing suit & play in the iconic fountain as much as you can

Again, it gets hot hot hot. I didn’t utilize the fountain enough & I regret it for sure. It really cools ya down & can keep you cool for a little while when the sun is beaming down on ya.

Be prepared to wait in a lone line to get onto the grounds

There are a TON of people who attend Bonnaroo, therefore the long line of cars you have to wait to get in to actually set up your campsite is no joke. Buuuut, if you go in prepared knowing you will be sitting in your car for a while, it may make it a little more bearable.

I’m sure there’s so much more I could tell you but these were the most important takeaways I took from my experience & stuff I would do differently the next time I get to go. Just don’t have high expectations, go in with a chill attitude & just enjoy the experience the best way you know how.