How Will Coronavirus Impact the Concert Scene?

Is anyone else really bummed their escape from their day to day life of attending a concert is indefinitely postponed? The live music industry has severely taken a hit due to coronavirus & I’m absolutely devastated that there’s no solid return date for when concerts will be happening again.

I have seen artists hosting virtual concerts but tbh, I haven’t had any interest in that because it’s just not the same. A concert experience for me allows me to be present & in the moment. If close enough to the stage, we have the opportunity for the person up there to look us in the eye, point at us, NOTICE us. We don’t get that capability through a computer screen.

My mind is racing as to how concerts are going to be run or what it will be like to attend a concert in the future. 99.9% of the concerts we attend, you have absolutely no personal space. Are people going to be too scared to be in that close proximity to other people considering we’ve been social distancing for 2 months now? Are people going to be required to wear masks to any show they attend? Are venues going to limit the amount of people that can attend (even under capacity) to allow people to social distance?

I’m trying to rack my brain around what solutions there may even be for this. Anyone else a little perplexed too? What will concerts look like in the future?I regret not taking advantage of a live show when we had the opportunity. I would decide not to attend, even if I wanted to, because I didn’t want to spend the money or because I just didn’t “feel like it.” GUYS, we have to start living in the NOW. Taking advantage of the things we want to do WHEN we want to do them. No one EVER thought the opportunity to go to a concert would be taken away…

If you have feelings, or solutions, or questions, go on, leave a comment below.



The first time I connected with God through worship was when I decided to make church a priority in my life. Someone on stage had said: “If you connect through the lyrics, raise your hands.” I cannot remember what song & I cannot remember the exact lyrics, but there was a moment I could feel His presence. So…I raised my hands and I instantly started bawling my eyes out. I could feel Him & He was there with me.

Some people don’t like all the flashy, over the top production when it comes to worship, but it feels like a concert to me. It’s the two things I enjoy most: God & concerts. I enjoy worship the most after a sermon, singing songs carefully chosen to accommodate the message, listening to the lyrics, & feeling His presence there with you.

This is a scary time in the world – coronavirus is really making people reevaluate what they turn to when they are down, struggling, sad, weak. This is the EXACT time that we should realize that the ONLY thing we should turn to is God. He is the only thing that can heal us, make us feel better, & validate us. Alcohol won’t do that. The gym won’t do that. Eating won’t do that. Heck, a concert won’t even do that. These “idols” we place in our life are only there for a moment, but God is forever. He’s not a fleeting moment in our life, He is there with us ALWAYS & worship is one the most powerful times we can spend in His presence.

Recently, we haven’t had the opportunity to experience worship in person, so we are learning to make it our own. The church I attend has been going through a series (before all this craziness started) called “Take Home Faith.” This is exactly what we need to do when it comes to worship. What we see and feel during service, take it home & recreate it….in the best way we know how. Turn on a worship song. Raise your hands right there in your living room. Dance around. GO CRAZY. And I think the biggest thing to take away: listen to the lyrics. Lyrics are powerful. Lyrics can speak to you in a different way, emphasizing what God speaks to us through His word. Allow them to penetrate your soul.

If you need something to look to during these difficult times, God could be that resource. He will give you the best & most absolute peace you’ve ever felt in your entire life. My suggestion: start with worship. It may not leave you with post concert depression, quite the opposite most likely.

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