Throwback Concert: A Great Big World

A Great Big World

A Great Big World is one of those bands that I think is so underrated and deserves so much more recognition than they get. I wanted to highlight my experiences at a couple of their concerts so you can get a glimpse what one of their shows would be like. That is…whenever we get to go back to live shows! Here we go, Throwback Concert #4!

Show #1, Nashville, TN, 2015

This was such a bomb show because they also played with Jojo (get out, right now….you know?). It was a Christmas show hosted by 107.5 The River. Oh, and let’s not forget, it was an ugly sweater party!

I remember the crowd was nostalgic for Jojo, brings me back to middle school days, ja feel? I think my favorite moment was when Ian played “Say Something” on the piano/keys solo, WOW. So powerful. So amazing. *chefs kiss*

Reminiscing a little with some concerts vids taken by another attendee (I have thoughts on phones at concerts, but grateful for these since I don’t have any). I love how hard Chad goes during “All I Want Is Love” on the drums. Ian is also going HARD on the keys & the guitarist in the background gives me life.

During “End of The World”, Chad brings out his NSFW Christmas sweater. I also thoroughly enjoyed the background vocals during this song. More of that please. Also, at the end of this one, there’s a nice instrumental jam sesh. Honestly, though, these are not my fave at concerts; I wanna hear those vocals, you know? Although, the guitarist at one point plays the guitar ON the AMP, which I thought was pretty dope.

After the show, we waited behind the venue & got to meet these two cuties! The perfect way to end the evening, if you ask me.

Show #2, Nashville, TN, 2016

This show was during one of their tours where they played a venue called Mercy Lounge. Quite honestly, I don’t remember any specifics of the show, BUT, I do remember my friend & I waited by bus after to say hi to them. They ended up saying what’s up, but were confused as I guess their fans don’t frequent waiting after the show for them. It broke my heart a little because they are such good dudes! All I remember is we talked about Gavin DeGraw and just reminisced about the show. I also think Chad told me to try a restaurant called Avo, which I never went to…oops, sorry Chad!

Show #3, Nashville, TN, 2016

This show was EVERYTHING. They opened for Phillips Phillips along with Matt Nathansan. My friend and I slammed fireball shots beforehand as we only had an hour to pregame before the show. After their set, we met them again, made friends with the security guard, but unfortunately spilled beer on their white shoes. I always remember being like, I’m going to be so embarrassed when we see them next. However, we haven’t since then and by the time we do, they’ll totally forget all about that moment, right? We were having a good time, I got us beers, tripped walking in my heels in lawn, fell to knees and literally got right back up and kept walking as if nothing happened. We also snuck into the pit for Matt & then had to go back to the lawn because we didn’t have a wristband. Overall, a 10 out of 10 experience.

The moment Ian rocks out to “Say Something” – uhhhh-mazing!

Overall, I love A Great Big World. I love what they stand for and when you listen to their music, it just makes you feel good about yourself and life. I also love how open Chad is about his sexuality and how he believes holding in that he was gay directly contributed to his multiple sclerosis (read more: here). He is so inspirational and I just want everyone else to love them as much as I do.

If you ever have a chance to see them live, DO IT. So worth it and I’m still waiting for the next opportunity to see them play again.

We’re still experiencing that post concert depression. Until next time A Great Big World….


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