Throwback Concert: Carrie Underwood

Throwback Concert review round 2: Carrie Underwood. She has an amazing voice and also has me itching to get in the gym and shape up my legs.

Throwback Concert #1

I attended Carrie’s show back in 2016 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The one thing I remember from this show was that I was absolutely in LOVE with her stage (below). Usually, the main stage is at one end with a B stage at the other. The B stage is typically only played for a small portion of the show. The artist or band feels so far away & it is harder to see (even with the Jumbotron screens).

The stage was basically an entire walkway, with the main stage in the center of the arena. She could walk to and fro on that little thing the entire time. IT. WAS. EVERYTHING. At a show, you want to feel that you’re close to the person performing. It’s fun to imagine them noticing you, am I right? Essentially, there was no bad seat in the house. BRAVA on the production crew for that one.

The details are not in my immediate memory but I do know that Carrie’s performance was top notch. The opener, Easton Corbin, was not my favorite. He’s got that more old school county vibe and I’m definitely a country bandwagon fan. I more so love that bro country, if you know what I mean. The Swon Brothers also opened but I cant remember if I enjoyed them or not. I am leaning towards the latter.

Throwback Concert #2

Carrie was also supposed to play at the Opry about a year or so after this show. However, when we showed up for the show, we were told that Carrie was not going to be performing anymore. Shortly before this show is when news broke about her fall outside her home. I’m glad she is okay, though, just disappointed she wasn’t there because LET. ME. TELL. YOU. My mom and I did NOT enjoy our first time at the Opry. We kept wanting to get up and leave like 2982392873297 times. I may have to give it another chance but I do not understand the hype around the famous Opry.

So here’s to say, I gotta cure my Carrie post concert depression with another one of her shows. IF ONLY IT WERE SOON. For now, we still are on that no concert depression train.


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