Throwback Concert: One Direction

One Direction

I am still mourning the loss of One Direction. So, lets reminisce on the times I have seen them live and HOW AMAZING IT WAS.

Show #1, Detroit, MI, 2014

Going into this show, my friend and I had upper level tickets in the stadium but…that wasn’t good enough for me. So, last minute I bought us floor tickets at the end of the walkway. Let me tell you, it was best decision I’ve every made. We were probably about four seats away from the stage. I’m pretty sure Harry winked at me at one point and I melted.

On the way to the show, though, we hit a ton of traffic and missed the opener, 5SOS. However, I remember skipping the line on the exit by passing all the cars and getting over at last minute so we didn’t miss One Direction. Thank goodness! I also was one of those people; I’m pretty sure I made a sign for “free hugs” or some weirdo shit like that. A girl can dream that they’d see it and come give me a hug, right?

Ending the show, all of them were blowing kisses and I still can’t believe we were blessed to be that close to them. Just relive this moment with me…

Earlier that day, my friend and I stacked up the deck and also went to a radio show with MTKO (photo below). We really like to push the limits to get all our live music needs met.

Although I have some strong thoughts on phones at concerts, someone recorded the ENTIRE show. There are some shaky parts and loud screams, so be warned, but you can experience the entire concert right on YouTube. Hellz yeah!

Show #2, Chicago, IL, 2014

This show I went to with mom. It wasn’t as cool of an experience because we weren’t as close to the stage, however, we still had floor tickets and could see them perfectly well from the end of the walkway when their platform raised up. We also did get their early enough to see 5sos and I swear they came out at one point wearing superhero onesies which was hilarious. I love when artists can get up there and just be silly. Overall take: I just remember my mom couldn’t handle all the screaming girls.

Additionally, someone also recorded this show if you want to reminisce with me.

To summarize, I believe both shows ended with fireworks coming from the stage, which was so fun to be a part of. Something else I love about One Direction is that they are not the typical boy band (choreographed dancing, etc) and just kinda do their own thing. Can they please reunite already?!

I am so grateful I got to see them on this tour because it was the last tour that all five members were together before Zayn left the band.

We definitely have Post Concert Depression but more importantly, miss One Direction with our whole hearts.


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