Tips for Attending Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour

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I was extremely ill prepared for a large show that is The Eras tour. I felt as if I had attended a festival since it was such a huge and long night. I wanted to share some tips from my experience so maybe you *hopefully* won’t go in like I did.

1. Hydrate

In the middle of summer & the shows being (mostly) outside, that sun doesn’t help. Make sure you drink lots of water before, during & after. Also, I believe most stadiums will allow you to bring in sealed water bottles, so if you want to save $$, definitely do that!

2. EAT

On the same token as drinking some H20, definitely make sure you go in with a full stomach. I was a little anxious that day so I didn’t eat as much as I normally would. This definitely didn’t help when trying to get into the stadium as I didn’t have the fuel I needed.

3. Wear Comfortable Shoes

You might want to wear cute heels or some cute ankle boots, but I warn you to pick COMFY shoes. For my show (Denver), there was a specific entrance we had to go in and you might have to do lots more walking than anticipated just to get in and get to your seats. Definitely choose comfy over casual – for me I wore cute and brought a change of shoes as I knew I wouldn’t survive rocking heeled boots the whole show.

4. Think About Your Fit

This one definitely depends on the weather. For my show, it was sweltering hot and I wore a hat, with my hair down, and a thicker t-shirt style crop top. I was DRENCHED in sweat. Definitely be sure to dress for the weather and to be comfortable.

5. Buy a Portable Fan

To help stay cool, a portable fan is a MUST. I saw someone with it while waiting in line for food & wow, I wish I would have thought about that beforehand.

6. Get Plenty of Rest

This seems like it would be common sense, but make sure you get plenty of sleep & rest prior to the show. It really is a whole event, with 2 openers in addition to her 3.5 hour set. Definitely go support the openers, they deserve all the love!

7. Make Bracelets!

The swifties come in hot with bracelets on bracelets on bracelets. It’s a thing to trade bracelets and a way to be friends with other fans while at the show. Most of them usually have sayings on them, whether those are song titles or your name or whatever you want to put on them.

The Eras tour is definitely one you don’t want to miss, but make sure you’re prepared!

Photo by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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