Tyler Rich & Tyler Dial

aye peoples – so this post is about the tyler’s. I want to first shout out BBVA & AXS for putting on this free event at the Skyline Beer Garden in downtown Denver. It was such a cute little outdoor beer garden & was a great afternoon to enjoy some free live music.

Moving to Denver from Nashville, I’ve become keen to the country music scene. I saw Tyler Rich host his own night of Whiskey Jam (which is ICONIC & something you have to do if you visit Nashville – but during the weekday) & was blown away by him. I then have said since then that he is going to blow up. He is, for lack of a better term, amazing (if you read my blog, I am so super descriptive *sarcasm*). LOL. Okay moving on. If we’re being honest here, I’ve always supported Tyler BUT have slacked in actually downloading & keeping up with his music. UNTIL, he released The Difference.

(I also was late to work b/c I stayed to hear this song – oops)

This song is such a sappy love song about loving someone (probs his supes hot fiance). Tyler has a grit in his voice that I’m not quite able to compare to anyone else (granted, I’m not too familiar with older – I’m a bro country fan, if you will). If you’re not hip to him already, YA SHOULD BE.

He also performed a new song influenced by his fiance. I never got confirmation on the name of the song but I believe it’s called Leave Her Wild. It’s about accepting the person you’re with & letting them be them. Don’t try to change them. Let them do their thing. Have their independence. At least that’s what I took/take from the song. PLEASE, if anything, you have to watch this video & listen to the song. I hope once it’s released, its a bop & all over country radio (Bobby Bones, I’m looking at you).

His EP comes out this Friday (9/21/18), so go check it out, y’all.

Now time to talk about Tyler Dial. Before this show, I had never heard of him, but I sure as hell do now & have nothing but great things to say about him. He gave me more old school country vibes (okay, I may know soooooooomething but not much). There was also a point in the show where he went out into the beer garden, hopped up on the table & got involved with the crowd. WISHHH I had a video but I was too into the moment. However, thanks to the man himself, Tyler sent me this video so ENJOY!

P.s. he just released an EP as well and I got it downloaded to jam, you should too.

And to finish it off, I’m still dealing with that post concert depression, so hope to see these men’s sooner rather than later…



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