Throwback Concert: Walk Off The Earth

walk off the earth

So…we are kinda in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, which I have dubbed a season called No Concert Depression. Since we have limited access to live music, Here’s a new series: TBC – Throwback Concert. Up first: Walk Off The Earth.

Walk Off The Earth Show Review

Let me tell you, I have only seen them one time at college show in Michigan with my faves, Timeflies. It has been SIX years & yes, I still think about this show.

There were flying instruments. A toothbrush as an instrument. And some damn good vocals. I have been wanting to see them since but haven’t put in the effort to do so. What an epic performance it must have been since its been 6 years and I still think about it, right?

But, let’s get back to the flying instruments, shall we? I swear every song change, one of their crew members would come on stage with an instrument & toss them back and forth to each other. One instrument here. One instrument there. HOW SCARY. What if you dropped it or didn’t catch it or didn’t throw it far enough?

I’m pretty sure Walk Off The Earth became well known for their cover of Somebody That I Used to Know. This video clearly demonstrates their musical abilities. CHHHHECKKK ER OUT:

One of the memorable parts of the show was when, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor (who has unfortunately since passed away…RIP) used a toothbrush as an instrument in one of their songs. A FREAKING TOOTHBRUSH. I absolutely love creativity such as this as it brings a different element to a live show.

Six years later, & I am STILL having post concert depression….

Until our time…


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