Well Rounded Artists

I’m a big fan of artists who “have it all” – they write their own songs, play their own instruments, produce their own songs & can SAAAANG. There’s something that goes to show someone who has all of these. I think it makes an artists more well rounded & can contribute more to their music than those who have to rely on others (but hey, I can’t sing so being able to contribute at all to these is still amazing). Those who can songwrite but don’t have the voice for it (although it seems most songwriters do have that talent), it would make sense they can only contribute in that way. Hell, I’d be a songwriter if I could (anything is possible, right?).

I wanted to highlight a few artists who I think possess all (or most) of the well rounded qualities I have described above.

Andy Grammer

So, I have always thought Andy was underrated when it came to his music. He keeps it real, raw, but still provides upbeat tunes that you can dance along with. Tbh, I am not sure if he writes his own songs but boy, can he do everything else. I saw him perform at a radio show years ago, & zomg I was blown away. HE was his band. He used a loop pedal (I believe, I assume), & played each and every instrument himself. It was one of THE most impressive live performances I have seen to date.


First, I just want to say I am SO happy that AJR has been so successful in recent years. They deserve it & so much more. Starting out as street performers in NYC, they provide so much pure, genuine talent that I’m glad they didn’t go unnoticed. They play a collection of their own instruments, write & produce their own songs, and can provide a collection of voices when performing their songs live. Now, I am all down for a perfect voice, but I love that Jack’s sometimes cracks during live shows (if you’ve seen them, you know what I’m talking about). It provides a sort of edge that works for them.


I feel like I write about them a lot on this blog, but hey, they are so talented that I can’t stop praising this band. MisterWives always provides us with their pure talent – Mandy’s voice RADIATES & could probably break glass with how amazing it is. I believe she also is the one who writes all (or most) of their songs, with the guys providing the rest of the sound with their respective instruments (shoutout to Jesse Blum for ALWAYS crushing the trumpet). This band has GOT IT, I’m telling you.

I’m sure there are so many more others I could tell you about (like Jon Bellion, Taylor Swift, & more) but the above are for sure on the top of my list. If you have any suggestions or artists you’re digging with all dem qualities, drop em in the comments below!


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