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Post Concert Depression is made up of many wonderful people who are contributors to the functioning of this publication. Get to know our team below!


Jessica Nelson | Founder & CEO | Colorado

Jessica (she/her/hers) is the founder & CEO of Post Concert Depression who writes, photographs, as well as anything and everything for the publication. Jessica grew up in Columbus, OH, is a diehard music fan (duh), loves Jesus & is also a proud bisexual woman (s/o to all the gays). A fun fact about her is that she considers herself a “celebrity whore” aka she loves meeting celebs as well as engrossing herself in anything pop culture.

Jessica has been running PCD since 2018 when it was founded.

Samantha Camp | Social Media Head/Photographer | Colorado

Samantha (she/her/hers) is a photographer and content creator based out of Denver, CO. As a native Austinite and daughter of a lead guitarist in a rock band, Sam has been surrounded by music her whole life so it’s no surprise she found herself in the photo pit. You can find Sam vlogging on TikTok where she takes her audience behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a music photographer shooting some of the biggest artists in the industry. 

Samantha has been a contributor since early 2023.


Andrew Ortega | Photographer | Colorado

Andrew (he/him/his) is a self-taught Colorado native photographer. What started as taking pictures on his offroad and camping adventures quickly bloomed into a deep interest in all things photography. He has always loved music and thought combining two of his favorite things was a no-brainer. Andrew has become a concert photographer to do just that.

Andrew has been a contributor since 2022.

Joe Campbell | Photographer | Colorado

Joe (he/him/his) is originally from Cocoa Beach but moved to Orlando after high school. He graduated from UCF with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. After school he moved to Chicago and soon started traveling the world for fun. Fast forward six years, he drove him and his dog Zeus from the Windy City to Denver in November of 2021. 

Music has always been a big part of his life. From countless hours of Eminem CDs growing up to concerts abroad and everything in between. He got into photography when he started traveling back in Chicago. As he put it, “I just want to see the world and take cool pictures”. So getting the opportunity combine the two and photograph concerts is a huge bonus. 

Joe is also a certified diver and his favorite animal is an orca. He said one of his traveling goals is to be able to photograph orcas in the wild while diving. 

Joe has been a contributor since 2022.

Kimberly Aguirre | Photographer | Colorado

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Kimberly Aguirre (she/her/hers) makes sure that everybody is enjoying their life and feels as if they belong. As well as humans, she loves nature. Coming from an artist/musical background, she loves to capture others’ art and believes that without art our lives would be meaningless. Everything around us is art. Nature. Music. People. All is art.

Kimberly has been a contributor since 2022.

Kyle Saunders | Photographer | Colorado

Kyle (he/him/his) is from Longmont, Colorado and currently in school. He got into photography through Zach Bryan’s music videos, and was also inspired by Zach’s photographer, Louie Nice. He loves live music because it gives you the chance to find new artists and connect with music in a way that you wouldn’t be able to if you only listened to recordings. You can find new songs and meet new people at every show you go to. “Going to concerts changed my life in that I met tons of people that I now travel around the country with.” He is also a huge Colorado Avalanche fan and watches every single game.

Kyle has been a contributor since 2022.

Aidan Hicks | Photographer | Colorado

Aidan (he/they) is originally from Colorado and has built his photography business from the ground up since 2015 that has evolved into AIDANSVISION. “The name and tagline ‘Capturing Life, Creating Art’ represents all you see rooted in one’s motivation for life in seeking discomfort and love for art that embedded to who I am. Trusting the vision has become nothing short of a rollercoaster of capturing concerts, weddings, portraits, and sports all while winning national and state photography awards and hanging banners from making the most out of whatever cards I’ve been dealt.” Specializing in concert photography since 2021, Aidan’s been able to travel the state and U.S. for shoots and has been shown love from the likes of QuestLove, Phoebe Bridgers, Laufey, Kacey Musgraves, and Clairo.

Aidan has been a contributor since 2022.

William Wark | Photographer | Ohio

Will is originally from Columbus, Ohio and has lived there his whole life. He started shooting because he always took cool pictures from the crowd with a point and shoot, then a band hired him to take their photos. He also loves making his own music; singing & playing guitar. He’s always wanted to be in a band and loves music because it’s so unique in the way it makes him feel. It’s the best possible way to express yourself and your emotions.

William has been a contributor since early 2023.

Sila Sungur | Photographer | Colorado

Sila (she/her/hers) is a native to Colorado. She got into photography after taking an elective class in 8th grade. Sila’s favorite hobby is going to concerts (duh) and has been to 55 so far this year (As of mid-September 2023). She loves music because it is never ending, with so many sounds and genres out there. Her dream is to go on tour one day.

Sila has been a contributor since mid 2023.

Tessa Brancato | Photographer | Colorado

Tessa (she/her/hers) is from Parker, CO and moved to Denver, CO in 2022 for college. She has always had a fascination for photography but didn’t really get into it until her freshman year of high school when she started taking photography classes. This led her to choosing to major in photography. Tessa says “There is so much to love about live music. Seeing you your favorite artists live is truly an unmatched feeling. But even if you don’t know an artist all that well, seeing them live is still a magical experience and is how I found a lot of my favorite artists. But also I just love seeing people do what they love and when an artist has true and genuine passion when they perform, it truly warms my heart in an unexplainable way.”

Tessa has been a contributor since Fall 2023.

Liam Gillin | Photographer | New York

Liam (he/him/his) is a concert photographer based in New York City. As someone who was bullied growing up, one way he coped with depression and anxiety as a teenager was through photography and making YouTube videos. At that time, he felt that the camera didn’t judge him in the way people did. His love of live music started in 2022 after attending his first post pandemic show, becoming intrigued with the idea of becoming a concert photographer. A random fact about Liam is that his classmates in high school voted him “Most Likely to Become Famous.”

Liam has been a contributor since Fall 2023.

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