My name is Jessica Nelson & I am basically a full-time concert-goer. I wanted to start this blog talking about the concerts that I attend (as it is too many to even count) as well as providing tips & tricks to get over the post concert depression while also putting in my two cents regarding my concert experiences. I’m sure many superfans like myself know that feeling of PCD – where you’re in the state of mind that you just want to go back & relive the concert over & again because it was that good. That feeling of sadness because it seemed like the concert only lasted a couple of minutes – it just flew by. The bliss you felt listening to your favorite song & unable to get it out of your head. You leave the concert & re-watch your videos. You click through the photos you took from the show. Unable to get the songs out of your head so you continuously listen to the artist, worsening that post concert depression that most of us have all felt. I aim to speak about those elements in a show that you can’t forget & hope to bring joy to those who can relive that great concert & to help ease those post concert depression blues.