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I’m having so much FOMO missing some of the greatest venues there are out there. And since we can’t actually go to a concert, let’s just go ahead and reminisce and experience them virtually together, okay?! I am here to tell you that these may be some of the first places you may want to check out a concert after quarantine is over….but that’s just my opinion.

I would have to say this is *hopefully* on everyone’s bucket list, but the first has got to be:

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Morrison, CO

If this venue isn’t on your bucket list, let me please be the first to tell you that IT SHOULD BE. I can’t even begin to explain to you how spectacular it is. A stage that sits at the bottom of rows and rows and rows of people there to see a fantastic show. The venue sits in between two giant red rocks (oh, SHOCKING) just 30 minutes outside of Denver, Colorado. If you go to visit during non-concert season, you can have the opportunity to stand on the stage yourself to see what the view of the crowd would look like if you were an artist playing that stage. I mean, just looking out & imaging the crowd those people get to play to, it’s pretty surreal.

The Pageant

St Louis, MO

This one makes my list because if you’ve ever waited at a venue for front row – it can be MADNESS once the doors open. There’s no order, just people crowding the doors & anyone and everyone scanning tickets. People telling you not to run to the front when that’s all you want to do so you can secure your spot. I have only been to this venue once and that was probably 5 years ago & I still think about it. This venue has a rule/policy where the first 100 people that are in line at the venue get wristbands with a number from 1-100 depending when you got the venue. Then shortly before the doors open you can leave for an hour & come back to the exact same spot you were in when you arrived earlier that day/night. Once the doors open, they only let four people go through the doors at the time so that there is not that “rush” you feel at any other venue. There’s so much order to it that I was like “YAAAAAAAS.” I’ve heard horror stories of people getting tramped at other venues (The Rave in Milwaukee, cough, cough) which is so scary & dangerous, it’s insane! Safety first, kids.

Ascend Amphitheater

Nashville, TN

I just want to say: I am a sucker for a good skyline. This venue gives you all that and more. It’s right along the river in downtown Nashville with the beautiful skyline behind the stage. You really can’t get a bad view in this venue, whether in the lawn or in an assigned seat. I would highly recommend a show here in you’re visiting or live in Nashville.


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