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So, if you’ve been following my posts – you would have seen my last post, dubbed “No Concert Depression,” where I highlighted my feelings of discontent with not having concerts as one of my outlets. I heavily relied on those few hours to just get away and be in absolute bliss while watching an artist live out their dream on stage, listening to fans sing back lyrics they wrote and songs they recorded that have the ability to change lives.

If you’re in tune with the music scene at all, you would have seen that there was a socially distanced concert/festival in the UK recently. With separate pods, if you will, where each party gets their own separate space so that the concert could go on with health and safety concerns in place. If you’re asking me, this is THE best upgrade to concerts as I’ve known it. While I love being surrounded by people dancing around me at a show, claustrophobia is REAL. Most concerts I attend, I am surrounded by sweaty people, no personal space, and the potential for anything and everything to happen.

I’ve been to shows where people didn’t want to sift through the crowd or miss the show, that they just peed their pants right on the spot. That’s pretty nasty if you ask me. I’ve also been at shows where people want to try to throw elbows to get to the front row. Like hello, people wait for hours upon hours for that spot. If you think you’re getting past them, you have another thing coming. I’ve also attended a show where I was front row and got so drunk, it was way way way too hot for me to handle (granted the AC at the venue sucked) and I had to get pulled out. Twas a sad sad day.

The highlights for me when it comes to socially distanced concerts:

  1. You have your own space.
  2. You can sit down if you want; granted hopefully the people standing in front of you don’t block your view – but if its socially distanced, I hope that wouldn’t be the case.
  3. You have the freedom to dance as HARRRRD as you want – which is great for me. I hated being cramped in a crowd and not having the freedom to move around and dance like a crazy person.
  4. When you leave your spot, it won’t be going anywhere, and you can get right back to it with no shitty concertgoers trying to block your way.
  5. No crowd surfing! I believe most concert attendees enjoy this activity but I personally do not enjoy other people “surfing” over me while I’m trying to enjoy a show.

Now this probably isn’t going to be an overnight thing – a quick google search doesn’t pull up any results really regarding artists who are hosting a socially distanced concert (most of them are hosting drive-in concerts…woo!). Let’s just hope we can get back to fangirling (or fanboying, OR FANWHATEVERING – gender doesn’t matter. We inclusive here) soon. My heart has suffered greatly not getting to experience my favorite activity. I miss my friends, I miss getting to meet artists, bands, crews. I miss traveling, getting to see a new city, just for the shits n gigs of it.

For now, we mostly are not experiencing post concert depression, just a no concert depression mindset. But we are hopeful for the future of our concert experiences. Any updates, I will for sure be posting about it.

All the love,

Post Concert Depression


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  1. “Most concerts I attend, I am surrounded by sweaty people, no personal space, and the potential for anything and everything to happen”

    This is an introverts NIGHTMARE! So I dig this idea!

    Gossip Girl

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