creative: an oversaturated world

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hi creative.

haven’t written in over a year; speaks volumes to the creative process – that sometimes, you just don’t feel like it.

my thoughts and ideas ebb and flow.

my motivation sometimes isn’t there.

recently, i heard a sermon discussing how plants die. the point that stuck out the most: if you overwater your plants, they will die. we consume so much content on the DAILY that it is overwhelming. there’s pressure for creative people to post daily, sometimes twice daily to “stay relevant.” it’s all about quantity over quality.

isn’t that just ass backwards?

post what you want when you want. the right eyes will see it, hear it, consume it. take the pressure off. stop comparing. allow yourself to be free.

I never thought of myself as a creative person. never grew up thinking I’d be good at making some form of art. I had this weird idea that structure was my destiny & path. financial security. a 9-5.

it’s amazing how God can bestow something in you without you even knowing. I love telling this story.

After a young adults church service on a Thursday night, I went to find out how to volunteer/serve; the intent to serve in the community outside of church. But, instead, I somehow got connected to production. I learned how to operate a camera during live worship and speakers. what shots to take. what looked good. all along learning and stewarding the creative gifts I didn’t know I had.

about 6 months ago, I started my relentless pursuit into photography, shooting at church. capturing the moments that Jesus leads: an honor.

pretty fast forward to Nov 8, 2021 & I’m shooting my first concert. Porter Robinson. Mission Ballroom. Denver Colorado. who in their right freaking minds thought this would be my first? not i. but Jesus did.

I’ve shot a few more along the way with more coming up. Some ups and downs. Astonished at the shots I was able to capture. Will people like my photos? Proud of my gifts. Do I know what I am doing? An artist posting my photos and giving me credit. Do I have a good enough camera? I can’t believe I get to do this. Do I even know how to edit photos?. I CAN’T BELIEVE I GET TO DO THIS.

Art is subjective. The only thing that matters is: do you like what you’re creating?

Pursue your passions. Allow yourself Grace. Show up. God will do the rest.


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