JP Saxe w/ Trousdale @ Gothic Theatre

JP Saxe recently came through Denver last month at The Gothic Theatre & WOWZA. I talked him up after first seeing him play a music festival last summer but his headlining show blew me away.

First off, he came out to introduce the opener, Trousdale, & I don’t think I have ever seen that in the MANY shows I have been to over the last 14 years. It’s the smallest but kindest and coolest gesture I have seen from an artist at their own show.

Secondly, JP just keeps it raw & real up there on stage. He told stories about heartbreak, friends, while also emitting boats of laughter from the crowd. The energy from him & his band: top notch.

Lastly, and also most insanely, he came out pretty immediately following his set to say hi to the fans at the barricade. Most people had funneled out (b/c again, I have never seen an artist do that at a show) so it was a select few. But it warmed my heart that the fans didn’t have to wait to meet him & he just came out like it was no big thing. Seriously, the most genuine humble artist and best show I have been to in a long time.

Keep it classy, JP Saxe.

Photos by: Jess Nelson Media, LLC


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