FLETCHER w/ Yasi @ Gothic Theatre

YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS. my brain is rattled from adrenaline from the FLETCHER show last night at The Gothic Theatre in Denver. What an absolute QUEEN she is.

I had never seen her live before so I had zero expectations. There was SO SO SO much energy from her and from the crowd. The hype was insanity. She powered through the altitude, filled with breathtaking vocals, killer dance moves & so much more. Honestly, going into it, I knew almost none of the songs but knew I loved her music and honestly….blown away. I truly enjoy going to a show where you know nothing but leave feeling like you sang every. single. word.

Some other highlights: she jumped into the crowd a lot, signed peoples boobs (professional boob signer apparently), had to get oxygen in the middle of her set (Denver is no joke, y’all), livestreamed for a song. You know, all the things.

FLETCHER – you rock my socks off girl. I am so stoked to see you again ASAP.

Oh, also as an added surprise, a local artist Yasi was the opener who I saw open for Spencer Sutherland a few years back. Her vocals are BANGIN’. Keep it up, chica.

For now, I for sure got that PCD hangover.

Photos by: Jess Nelson Media, LLC.


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