The Script w/ Calum Scott @ Mission Ballroom

You’d think with my love for Ireland so much that I would’ve fallen in love with The Script years ago. I mean I did, but my knowledge for music back in their glory days was pretty zero to none. Here you’ll find a new fan. Anything Irish, yes please (Hello Niall Horan).


First, let me just say Calum Scott opened and what an absolutely lovely, beautiful & soothing voice he has. Like dang, his voice could calm me down in an instant. He is such a gem & cutie patootie and I’m grateful I got to see him live. He said he coming back on his on tour and you best believe I’ll be there.

Photos by: Jess Nelson Media


Onto the main act – The Script. Man, what a joy they are. The drummer was getting it, caught me snapping pics and pointed (it’s fun to be noticed when you’re just there doing your thing) and so did the lead singer. This show took you through highs & lows but in the best way possible. There was confetti, the production was amazing (shouts to the lighting designer for that), lots of jumping around, and they even came out into the crowd to play for a few songs. Part of that portion of the set too, Danny (lead singer) asked to call someone’s ex and he freaking did. Think about that, you’re just going about your day and you get a random call from Danny from The Script. I’d poop my pants.

I just have to say, what a beautiful throwback and unexpected twist it was to go to this show and fall madly in love with a band I wish I was obsessed with all along. Oh, and one of my favorite parts I forgot to mention: there were a few songs where Danny kind of sing raps which reminds me of my favorite band, Timeflies. I was HERE for it!

Photos by: Jess Nelson Media


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