Spencer Sutherland

HI FWIENDS. I’m just here to let y’all know about one of my favorite & definitely underrated artists who also KILLS IT live. Also cool to support an artist from ya home – Columbus, OH!

I’ve seen Spencer before but in very different settings & never a headline show (well, duh, because this is his first headline tour…) and I could sit here all day & hype you up about him because he is just THAT good.

I was able to catch Spencer on tour last week in Denver, CO at Globe Hall. First & foremost, the jacket he wore I am dyinggggg to cop one of my own (see below). Hello glitter. Hello glam. Hello FUNTIMES.

I’m sitting here racking my brain as to what Spencer opened with but my mind just cannot remember (hence why I should probably write these things right after the show…epic fail, Jessica). Let me just give you a run down – Spencer gave us some HEAVY vocals throughout the whole set, from his high pitched “That’s my sweater” lyric [which Sweater is an amazing song, btw & omg his voice! Check tha vid belooow] to his runs during “Tell me” to the choir-y chorus in “None of this has been about you” – the entire set was a banger. Not to mention he completely pulled off a version of Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” that had my friend saying his version was better. Hats off to you Spence [I say Spence as if we are buddies…lol]

On another note, he gave us a few acoustic songs & also a remix on one of them going ham on his sound board (giving me AJR vibez, for sure). Different beats. Mixing it up. I always love those little things during a live performance. It adds an extra flair that you can’t really get on just hearing the track. One of my FAVORITE moments during his show, though, was hearing the crowd sing almost EVERY song back to him. I can’t even imagine as an artist to play a show & have the fans sing words that you wrote back to you. What a moment that has to be.

Like I said, I’ve seen Spencer before (pretty sure I was at his first ever live performance, evah – hello WNCI Spring Beats — ANNND I just googled that & it wasn’t but whatevs, it was in the early dayz). I first heard Spencer on the radio in Columbus with his song “Heartstrings” [which I haven’t actually heard in a good minute] & immediately fell in love. I also am a huge supporter of supporting people from where I’m from (TwentyOne Pilots, Walk the Moon – yassss Ohio). He’s always got a way with words & I just cannot get over how insane his vocals are. Would it be even crazy to say I think his are better than….ADAM LEVINE? ANYWHO, going from seeing him perform at a radio gig to playing a small show in Nashville to his headline tour where people are singing his lyrics back to him?! I feel like a proud mom to see the growth in his music career.

Due to my laziness & lack of commitment at the moment to writing these things, Spencer’s tour ends on 8/28 [lol, in 5 days] BUT if for some reason you happen to read this beforehand, catch him on tour [but like, he’ll obvs be around & touring again, OKAY OKAY]:

  • August 23 – BROOKLYN, NY
  • August 24 – CAMBRIDGE, MA
  • August 25 – WASHINGTON DC
  • August 27 – ATLANTA, GA
  • August 28 – NASHVILLE, TN

Tickets here.

I also can’t complete this post without highlighting the amazing openers:


So she’s a local Denver artist & by golly, if she doesn’t blow up I will have a fit. I can’t even explain her voice but it has SO MUCH POWER. I also missed the moment, but she was spittin game / rapping to (I believe) Cardi B & even from outside in the bar area, I was like WOAH WHAT IS HAPPENING. Please watch the video below & you betta not tell me her voice isn’t anything but fiyah.

Justice Carradine

Hate to admit this, but didn’t know who he was before the show (but that’s the beauty of concerts & openers – you get to discover new artists! YAY). He performed his new single “Dangerous Love” & I am feelin’ it I tell you. This kid seems like he on the up & up & I will not be surprised if he is a NAAAAME one day.

See “Dangerous Love” below

&& if you’re a Shawn Mendes fan, this acoustic number he did during his set gives me alllll the Shawn vibes. ENJOY!

Signing off with that post concert depression, yo.


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