Shakey Graves @ Red Rocks

Shakey Graves graced the rocks on June 22, 2023. Kicking off the show was Katie Pruitt, following by Neal Francis & then rounding out the evening was Shakey himself, obvs.

Katie Pruitt

Katie is a Georgia-bred singer/songwriter/guitarist, having released her debut album Expectations in 2020. The album treads endlessly complex emotional ground: mental illness, toxic relationships, the frustration and shame of growing up gay in the Christian South. But by speaking her truth with sensitivity and grit, Pruitt ultimately arrives at a self-acceptance that’s both hard-won and happily defiant.

“I called the album Expectations because I liked that it was ironic,” says the 25-year-old artist, now based in Nashville. “This record’s really about letting go of what other people expect from you, and being free to be to just finally be yourself.”

As she set her roots down in Nashville, Pruitt connected with the lineup of local musicians who now form her live band. In recent years, she and her bandmates have taken the stage at major festivals like Pilgrimage, toured with such artists as Ruston Kelly and Donovan Woods, and joined together in creating the OurVinyl Live EP (a six-track offering released in March 2018).

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Neal Francis

Neal Francis (born Neal Francis O’Hara) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Influenced by classic New Orleans artists such as Dr. John, the Meters, and Allen Toussaint, in addition to Sly Stone, Billy Preston, and Curtis Mayfield, he released his first album in 2019. His second album,  In Plain Sight — a “revelatory blast of soul, R&B, and off-the-rails piano jams” — was released on ATO Records in 2021.

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Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves (born Alejandro Rose-Garcia) is an American Americana musician from Austin, Texas.

His music combines blues, folk, country, and rock and roll. Rose-Garcia received his stage name at Old Settler’s Music Festival in 2007 after a stranger, apparently high on LSD, rambled “spooky wagons”. Then he and his friends jokingly gave each other Native American guide names over a campfire. After an inspired night of playing music, he decided to keep the name.

Before being known as Shakey Graves, Rose-Garcia had acting roles in Friday Night Lights and the Spy Kids franchise.

Shakey Graves became known for his one-man band set up. Most of his 2011 self-released debut album Roll the Bones features him playing solo. This set up originated after he grew tired of having to borrow kick drums & high hats in order to perform. His solution consisted of a modified suitcase that functions as both a kick drum & a tambourine stand.

In 2011, he was asked to be the official “busker” for the Edward Sharpe & Mumford & Sons Railroad Revival Tour. After being courted by multiple labels, Shakey Graves signed with Dualtone Records.

pulled from Wikipedia

Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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