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Is There Space for More Black Executives in the Music Industry?

Post Concert Depression wants to have a discussion when it comes to music executives and the lack of diversity among record labels, radio stations, and more.

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12 Songs About Being Black in America

Post Concert Depression highlights songs that discuss and address the issues about what it is like to be black in America. Black Lives Matter is discussed within these songs, and the everyday treatment of the black community is addressed throughout these songs as well.

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Drive-In Concerts

Has quarantine interrupted the fulfillment you get from going to a concert? Post Concert Depression discusses what concerts may look like in the future. Drive-In Concerts may be the new normal for live music.

Are Virtual Concerts the New Normal?

Coronavirus has really put a dent in the live music scene. Concerts are no longer live and in person like we are used to. Connecting to an artist through a virtual concert may be the normal at the moment. Post Concert Depression discusses these questions and concerts on the blog.


The first time I connected with God through worship was when I decided to make church a priority in my life. Someone on stage had …