High Street Joggers Club @ Bluebird Theater

Okay people, I need to tell you about High Street Joggers Club (HSJC). I shot their previous show at Cervantes back in November which was my first show of theirs. I recently got to reunite with them when they played their biggest show to date at Bluebird Theater.

First off, they are all such sweethearts and I feel so welcomed, appreciated, and we all just vibe. They are still very early in their career but I can see them doing big things (let’s go ahead and manifest they’ll play Red Rocks one day). The amount of energy and stage presence is exactly the kind of vibe I love to see up on that stage.

HSJC is a local band from Denver, CO – having all graduated from University of Denver, they have generated plenty of fans who packed out the bluebird, screamed like crazy for drummer Nathan, and helped hype them up for a great performance. Lead singer Jack likes to bust out some not so expected moves: push ups, jumping jacks, and just tons of jumping. It’s quite comical but in a “hell yeah” kind of way. I absolutely love it.

During their set, they played a new song that hasn’t been released yet called “Mixed Signals.” I am telling you it is an absolute BOP. Lucky for you, it releases on March 1 so mark your calendars! In addition to the show, two of the band members parents flew out to Denver to see their show. I am just dying of cuteness they got that support from their fam bams.

To sum it all up, y’all need to jump on the HSJC train with me, OK?!

High Street Joggers Club

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