Husbands @ Lost Lake

Husbands came through Denver on March 23, 2023 and played an epic show at Lost Lake. Our photographer, Kyle Saunders, was there to snap allllll the pics!


Husbands is OKC-based songwriters Danny Davis & Wil Norton, who got their start directing a Godzilla musical at their college. They then began sharing snippets of lofi grunge pop ideas that came together in their first album, “Golden Year.” This album caught Clerestory AV’s attention, who assisted Husbands release their first vinyl LP, “After the Gold Rush Party.” This LP was featured on NPR’s Heavy Rotation and Spotify’s New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and Feel-Good Indie Rock playlists. Past performances included an OKC release show that drew 550 attendees. They also opened for Smash Mouth which Wil and Danny likely consider their finest moment as a band.

pulled and paraphrased from their Spotify bio

Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Surf Rock is Dead

Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg will tell you they don’t take themselves too seriously. Hence the name of their band, Surf Rock Is Dead (that’s SRiD for short), and the title of their debut album, Existential Playboy. This playfulness informs their music, a hybrid of surf rock, shoegaze, goth, and new wave, through which the duo meditate on the paradoxes of modern life.

Pariso (vocals and guitar) and Witenberg (vocals and bass), each historically musicians in other people’s projects—Witenberg as a drummer and producer, Pariso as a guitarist and producer—found themselves hyped on jamming together. Their chemistry’s been off the cuff, from that first jam session on. When they first started, Pariso and Witenberg played about five times a month, and two years in a row SRiD made the top ten of Oh My Rockness’ Hardest Working Bands list. Since their first release, Surf Rock is Dead has garnered a significant fan base while touring and playing with Shout Out Louds, The Jezabels, Day Wave, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Hot Flash Heat Wave.

pulled from their About page

Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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