Matchbox Twenty @ Ball Arena

Matchbox Twenty brought their Slow Dream Tour to Denver, CO on June 6, 2023. Opening the night was Matt Nathanson. With our writer, Joe Campbell, there to provide you with highlights from the evening.

Matt Nathanson


I mean what else is there to say?! Matt Nathanson opened up what turned into an incredible night of music. Matt has been touring for decades and he REALLY showed up at the Ball Arena. His energy, vocals and stage presence was everything you could ask for. I came to the show feeling mentally and physically drained; but about halfway through his set I realized I had forgotten about work and life stresses, and I think that I think that is one of the great things you can say about any artist. Mad props for busting out the Nuggets jersey too considering game 3 was right around the corner.

When he started to play “Come On Get Higher” in his set list you better believe the iPhone lighters were waving and the entire arena harmonized every. single word. But my favorite moment was when he showed his respects to the late, great Tina Turner by singing one of her chorus’ and said “we lost a true queen”. Indeed, we did, rest well Tina Turner, your legacy will forever live on.

Written by Joe Campbell

Photos by Ehud Lazin. All images © 2023 Copyright Ehud Lazin.

Matchbox Twenty

Next up, Matchbox 20 quintessential 90’s and early 2000’s light rock and they brought some heat! The giant dome of light was a great aesthetic and the marching band drummers that made a quick appearance kind of set the stage for what you’d hope to see.

This might have been the most age diverse concert I’ve ever been to. Teens, young adults, families and soccer dads in cargo shorts were all singing along like they were at a Taylor Swift concert. The show was rescheduled from the original scheduled show during COVID in 2020 and when they asked who had held on to their tickets for 3 years was really cool to see how many people hold on to their tickets.

I absolutely LOVED when they stripped down to an intimate acoustic segment, nothing but an acoustic guitar and a spotlight they gave a heartfelt version of “If You’re Gone.” The lead guitarist Kyle Cook took his weathered looking acoustic I felt like I was listening to Joe Santana by candlelight, well, digital candlelight.

In a world of entertainment where we often are looking for the next great artist, guys like Matt Nathanson and bands like Matchbox 20 have been around for almost 30 years because they have a gift, and a message that the world needs to hear. This was my first time seeing either of them live but I hope it’s not my last!

Written by Joe Campbell

Photos by Jim Trocchio. All images © 2023 Copyright Jim Trocchio.

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