Harry Styles

I feel like such a bad fangirl writing this concert review TWO MONTHS post show. Because the amount of energy & excitement I had after this show was INSANE. I have been literally working my arse off every day & when I have time off, been hiking, soooooo MY B.

Let me first start off by saying, I absolutely adore & love Harry – he was my FAVE in 1D. Buuuuut when his album came out, it was very mellow & did not include songs I thought would be a concert I would enjoy live. I like more hype, dancy shows….but that takes me to my point. THE SHOW WAS LITTTTTTTTTY (I also was litty). I definitely felt like a teeny bopper. I went with my best friend & we about melted to the floor 43591847593158 times because I was so mesmerized by being in the presence of greatness (lol).

I CANNOT FORGET, Kacey Musgraves absolutely blew me away. Also was not too hyped about her album UNTIL I heard it live. I had also seen her previously at Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati a few years ago & was not really into her performance (I also was supes far away from the stage & half paying attention). She gave me butterfliiiiiiiiessss…. *cue the video below*

Back to the man of the hour, Mr. Harry Styles.

Here’s a video of him coming to stage, AND I COULDN’T STAND MYSELF. The anticipation. This. Was. Epic.

Let me first tell you, though, it’s kind of a struggle to write a post months later b/c 1) I was drunk at the show which leads to 2) it’s hard to remember every moment to give you the bestest review EVA. So, I’ll just tell you what I do remember (with the help of my bestie, Paige). What I experienced and have seen on the internets (YAY, social media), Harry tends to take time to speak to the crowd & interact with some fans that are ever so lucky to be graced with floor tickets & GA around the stage. The specific moment I remember from the show was that it was a fan’s birthday & he got the entire arena to sing happy birthday. UM, how magical. I would love if Harry serenaded me on my birthday (still a chance? Hit me up mista). If I remember correctly, he also pointed out a fan in the crowd with a rainbow flag & then went on into a speech about staying true to yourself, being authentic and who you are and not being afraid to do so. Obvi, those aren’t the exact words & I’m paraphrasing b/c MY MEMS IS TERRIBLE but it was something along those lines. V INSPIRING.

Looking back at my videos, this must’ve been after that cause he got tha flag!

ON TO THA NEXT ONE. One of my favorite moments was when Harry sang What Makes You Beautiful (RIP 1D) but he did it with his own twist to it. He changed up the song & played it the way he probably would have liked the song to be.

I will forever be a One Direction fan, but Harry Styles lives on in his solo career and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

ps – Harry had a female drummer && photographer so GRL PWR ❤️

I’m obviously still suffering with post concert depression. TAKE ME BACK! *tear*


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