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No Concert Depression

Is anyone else really struggling not having a concert as an outlet to free your mind, boost your mood and energy? We are suffering through an unprecedented time which has reduced our social gatherings. It’s really put a damper on my motivation for listening and engaging in music related activities. I have little motivation to stay in tune with new music being released. I have little motivation to really dive into a new song or album; I loved getting deep in to the music then soon after seeing it live (or hopefully at least).

I’m also really missing my sense of community that was had at concerts. I recently visited my hometown to see friends & family and landing brought over a range of emotions because you don’t realize how much you take advantage of something until it’s gone (in that moment flying & being able to see friends and family unrestricted). Same goes for concerts.

When I moved to Colorado a few years ago, I severely took a dip in my concert going. I was more picky about what concerts I attended or spent money on. I only saw people I really truly wanted to see live. I didn’t fully take advantage of how much live shows boost my energy and mood. You never realize how much something means to you until it’s stripped away.

You never realize how much something means to you until it’s stripped away.

I am so hopeful for a future of crazy concerts again – although I’m not sure exactly what that’s going to look like. Until then, here’s to trying to enjoy a virtual show or hopefully attend some sort of “drive in concert.”

Drive-In Concerts

An idea, inspired by an event Keith Urban put on for healthcare workers just outside of Nashville recently. Now this is a concept I can get behind.

Just imagine it, we can all enjoy the experience of a live concert, safely inside our vehicles. The stage could be set up just like it would be at a festival, at a drive-in theater location, or even in a random field outside of the city. Put up two screens on either side of the stage, so those who are not close can still see the artist, while the speakers still protrude the voice of the artist, live in the flesh.

It’s not through a screen. It’s not prerecorded. We still get the lights, the instruments, the background vocals, that we would for a live show. Artists could go on tour, safely. They could still make an income. We could get that concert fill.

So…anyone want to start a new concert venue with me? Leave every work day/shift with post concert depression?!