Is There Space for More Black Executives in the Music Industry?

The obvious answer to that question is, yes. But let’s have a conversation. I wanted to look into the diversity of the music industry higher ups. Billboard puts out a list every year acknowledging people working in the industry who have made big strides, accomplished big things that past year, or are just shining at what they do. There are only 19 of 212 people listed that are black, which is 8.9% of the list. THAT IS INSANE.

There are only 19 of 212 people listed that are black, which is 8.9% of the list.

Looking at the major record labels (Sony, Universal Music Group, & Warner Music Group), all 3 CEOs are white.

  • Sony executives, out of 12, 1 is black.
  • Universal executives, 1 of 11 is black.
  • Warner executives, none of the executives are black.

Jumping over to other facets of the industry, the biggest radio name being IHeartRadio, their CEO is white. Ryan Seacrest is also a heavy influence for that company. Carson Daly has also been a player in the industry, having hosted TRL and I believe the forefront to (a quick google search shows he left radio in 2017 to focus on family). Spotify & Apple Music are run by white men. The major music magazine(s) – mainly Rolling Stone – is headed by a white male.

But let’s not forget, there’s some big names who represent the black community who have made waves in the music industry: Beyonce & Jay-Z created a music platform called Tidal, have sold out stadiums/tours, and Jay Z has a music entertainment business (Roc Nation). We also have Drake who has his own label (but under the umbrella of Warner Music) & Lil Wayne does as well (but under the Universal umbrella).

These artists have been given some control and have been influential in bringing talented artists into the music scene, but they still have to answer to the white man & power that this country was built on. I am not saying that is how these labels are run, but if you look at who is in charge, there is not even close to enough executives who represent the black community. If we want to get anywhere in this country, we have to give opportunities to those who can speak for the community, who can stand up for what’s right, who can put out content/music from personal experience to fully represent the diversity in our country. If we continue to stay divided, and a majority of the space at the top is coming from white voices, well we aren’t going to get very far are we?

If we continue to stay divided, and a majority of the space at the top is coming from white voices, well we aren’t going to get very far are we?

Billboard has some great information about what labels, executives, artists, are doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement & helping to dismantle & fight systemic racism. Check it out here: Artists Urge Music Companies to Donate to Fight Racial Injustice: Here Are the Ones That Have


Post Concert Depression

How Will Coronavirus Impact the Concert Scene?

Is anyone else really bummed their escape from their day to day life of attending a concert is indefinitely postponed? The live music industry has severely taken a hit due to coronavirus & I’m absolutely devastated that there’s no solid return date for when concerts will be happening again.

I have seen artists hosting virtual concerts but tbh, I haven’t had any interest in that because it’s just not the same. A concert experience for me allows me to be present & in the moment. If close enough to the stage, we have the opportunity for the person up there to look us in the eye, point at us, NOTICE us. We don’t get that capability through a computer screen.

My mind is racing as to how concerts are going to be run or what it will be like to attend a concert in the future. 99.9% of the concerts we attend, you have absolutely no personal space. Are people going to be too scared to be in that close proximity to other people considering we’ve been social distancing for 2 months now? Are people going to be required to wear masks to any show they attend? Are venues going to limit the amount of people that can attend (even under capacity) to allow people to social distance?

I’m trying to rack my brain around what solutions there may even be for this. Anyone else a little perplexed too? What will concerts look like in the future?I regret not taking advantage of a live show when we had the opportunity. I would decide not to attend, even if I wanted to, because I didn’t want to spend the money or because I just didn’t “feel like it.” GUYS, we have to start living in the NOW. Taking advantage of the things we want to do WHEN we want to do them. No one EVER thought the opportunity to go to a concert would be taken away…

If you have feelings, or solutions, or questions, go on, leave a comment below.


Phones at Concerts

Does it bother anyone else if the person they’re next to at a show is recording THE ENTIRE TIME? It’s the worst when you’re at a general admission concert, and all you see are phone screens in front of you – this blocks your view even more, especially if you’re short. Now I know this may be a little hypocritical as I have to record & take photos to get content for my posts on this exact blog, but I honestly believe as a concert-goer, it takes away from the experience if you just record the whole thing. And let’s be honest, do you really go back and rewatch all of your videos? I know I don’t.

Although it could be therapeutic for some (to get over that post concert depression, am I right?) to go back & watch the videos taken at the concert, I don’t believe that should be the experience when going to see an artist or band live. You don’t get to be in the moment. You’re watching the show through your phone screen, rather than watching it live. You can’t fully embrace the concert experience this way.

I remember when I saw Maroon 5 a couple of years ago, Adam Levine asked the ENTIRE crowd to put away their phones for ONE song. Granted, this was an arena venue, so a pretty hard ask, but I really enjoyed that moment because he truly wanted everyone to experience it with their own eyes, not through their screen.

My suggestion: take a short instagram story clip, a few photos & then PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. You want to dance, don’t you? You want to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs, don’t you? And…if you’re close enough, you want to be able to lock eyes with whoever is on stage, DON’T YOU? Be in the moment. Engage. Enjoy.

Sometimes I wish concerts were like comedy shows, where you’d get kicked out if you get caught with your phone out. If this were the case, people would actually be surprised by the show & not have already seen it on someone else’s Instagram story.

Music industry, DO YO THANG. No phones may be the best way to help our post concert depression. Real life memories formed from enjoying the moment in real time.