Daniel Caesar @ KEMBA! Live

Daniel Caesar brought the heat, starting out the set performing through a curtain. Warming it up was Orion Sun, a start to a tremendous evening!

Orion Sun

Tiffany Majette, known professionally as Orion Sun, is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in Philadelphia. Tiffany Majette was born and raised in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, in a conservative Christian home. At an early age, the music at the Bethany Baptist Church inspired her.

In Philadelphia, Majette became involved in an underground music collective called The Forest, until the death of a member caused the collective to disband. Majette posted her first song, “Voicemail,” to YouTube in 2013. She released the mixtape A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams in 2020. In 2018, she released singles S T R E T C H and Nirvanaaa. Her debut LP, Hold Space for Me, released in 2018 with Mom + Pop. In his review for Pitchfork, the critic Dani Blum wrote that the album was “stark [and] lightly poetic”.

In 2020, after being injured by police at a racial justice protest in her hometown, Majette wrote the song “Mama’s Baby.” She raised over $18,000 from the song’s sales on Bandcamp, and donated the funds to Breonna Taylor’s GoFundMe and the Loveland Foundation.

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Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

Daniel Caesar

Ashton Dumar Norwill Simmonds, known professionally as Daniel Caesar, is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter. After independently building a following through the release of two critically acclaimed EPs, Praise Break (2014) and Pilgrim’s Paradise (2015), Caesar released his debut studio album, Freudian, in August 2017, which garnered widespread critical acclaim. He released his second studio album, Case Study 01, in June 2019. In March 2021, Caesar was featured on Justin Bieber’s single “Peaches” (alongside Giveon), which is his first number-one song on the US Billboard Hot 100. More recently, Daniel released his third studio album NEVER ENOUGH in April of 2023 under his new label, Republic Records.

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Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

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