Dermot Kennedy @ Red Rocks

Dermot Kennedy rocked the pants off of Red Rocks on May 15, 2023. Kicking off the evening was a local artist, Cole Scheifele, followed by Kevin Garrett to get us amped for Dermot.

Cole Scheifele

Cole is a local to the Denver area, I believe having grown up in Boulder (if my memory is serving me correctly). You could see the joy and excitement on his face when he was playing during his set. It’s a dream for any artist (I assume) to play this venue, but growing up around it is a different story. It was cool to see that moment happen for him.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Kevin Garrett

When I first got the set times for this show, I saw Kevin Garrett and confused myself thinking Kevin Gates was opening for Dermot Kennedy. What an interesting opening set that would have been LOL. Anyways, Kevin absolutely crushed it. I wasn’t familiar with him prior to this show (obvi since I got mixed up) but was pleasantly surprised. An added note from my friend, Megan Grimes, who went with me: “I remember his range being INSANE! His falsetto was the most beautiful thing.”

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Dermot Kennedy

I could go on and on and on about this man. Dermot Kennedy might be my new top artist that I am and will obsess over. He is honestly unmatched in my book and the talent is absolutely unreal. I shot his acoustic set back in December for a radio Christmas show. It was SIIIICK this time around seeing him headline with a full production. He started out his set with a cute script typed letter in his handwriting:

What a cute sentiment it was. I was so anxious for him to come on because of my new found love for his music. I’m telling you I haven’t listened to an album on repeat until discovering Sonder. It. Is. So. Good.

Anyways, back to the show – Dermot comes out vocals ablazing with (I believe) “One Life.” Lil’ ole me was up there belting every word. He continued the greatness throughout his set and ended with “Something to Someone.” This is a song I connected to and teared up over when I heard him sing it back in December. The way he can tell a story through his lyrics and relatability in the feelings portrayed in those lyrics: *chefs kiss*.

Some highlights for me during his set were: can I say the whole thing? Yes, yes I can but that doesn’t help you or tell you some cool moments. One of my favorites was during Without Fear, he had a bunch of inspirational & empowering words on the LED screen popping up (see photos for reference). It was kind of a moment of taking your power back with those words like “hopeful” and “unity”. There were others but my memory is failing me. But I LOVED it.

Another was before the song Rome, he gave an inspiring intro the song:

“Just kind of go somewhere else for this song. In your mind, picture the best day you can. The closest you’ve ever got to perfect. Just picture that. And close your eyes, don’t close your eyes. Do your very best for this few minutes. Try to go back there and try to really visit that day and time again. Try to remember every detail, every color, every smell, everybody you were with. As clearly as you can. This song is all about how memory can transport you and change your mind.”

I will absolutely always see Dermot whenever I can, and you should too!

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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