Insomniac Drives @ Lost Lake

A gig turned into a pleasant surprise, that’s what this show was when I got to shoot Insomniac Drives recently. Getting to discover new artists and music through my job…forever grateful for this world.

Insomniac Drives is a local band based in Denver, Colorado. They consist of members Jesse Crone (Guitar), Jacob Montano (Bass), Jules Jenks (Vocals), Nick Schell (Drums). They describe themselves as an Indie Rock Band (via their Instagram bio). I’d also venture to say there’s some alternative odes in there as well. I don’t like to put artists into a genre as I think music these days can be very fluid. But, that just gives you an idea into what kind of music you’ll get to hear.

In terms of their live set, I was absolutely blown away. Jules’ voice draws you in like no other while the band members hop jump and skip around on stage. I guess she also did as well. It was EN-ER-GETIC! I was also digging Nick’s buns & scrunchies look (check pics below if you’re confused). The interaction they had with each other on stage showed they’ve got good energy and spirits as a band, improvising songs on the set and just going with the flow. I absolutely LOVE a curve ball during a live show.

All around I am super impressed by them and you all should be too. Go check out Insomniac Drives here & give them all your support.

Insomniac Drives

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2022 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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