LP @ Misson Ballroom

LP put an amazing performance at Mission Ballroom on October 30, 2023, leaving their Denver fans eager for more.


Laura Pergolizzi, widely known as LP, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. LP’s career in the music industry took off when she signed her first major record deal with Island Def Jam in 2006.

She penned songs for artists like Rihanna (“Cheers (Drink to That)”), Christina Aguilera, and the Backstreet Boys. LP’s most notable success came with the release of her single “Lost on You” in 2015, which became an international hit. The song’s emotional depth and LP’s soulful vocals resonated with audiences worldwide, and the music video garnered millions of views on YouTube.

LP’s album of the same name, “Lost on You” (2016), further solidified her reputation as a talented singer-songwriter. LP continued to be an active and influential artist in the music industry. She has released additional albums, such as “Heart to Mouth” (2018), which features songs like “Girls Go Wild.” She has also performed live worldwide, gaining a reputation for her engaging and passionate stage presence.

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PPhotos by Tessa Brancato. All images © 2023 Copyright Tessa Brancato. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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