Noah Cyrus @ Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO

Halloween festivities were at its peak for Noah Cyrus’ Summit Music Hall stop on The Hardest Part tour. The line even wrapped around the block. Cyrus has been on a wave of success with her recent album, The Hardest Part. The year prior earning the “Grammy-nominated” title. Safe to say fans were lined up in anticipation for the night.

As the venue started filling up with costume-glammed fans, GIGI kicked off the night draped in a nun costume with her devil-ish looking backing band. With a mix of original songs and covers of classics like Lana Del Reys’ “Radio,” she helped set the chill tone as the crowd grew. With the crowd cheering and phone lights waving, Gigi left you primed for her future.

After a wait, the lights went dark to roaring cheers and trembling bass. Lights came on to bandmates walking out in capes and dark hoods. After a minute, Noah slowly walked out in a silky black dress that went hand-in-hand with her tattoos & long black hair to thundering cheers. With a blood drop from her lips, she soothed her way into “Stand Still” and into the night. 

The rest of the show was nothing short of the perfect way to cap off Halloween. Cyrus’ genre-bending was an impressive standout for me. With a mix of her country roots of “I Got So High I Saw Jesus” & EDM-influenced “Again,” then fans going word for word on her love ballads. All of this was alongside Cyrus’ down-to-earth-personality & gratitude for the Colorado audience. She was checking in with the audience and personally handing out setlists. Check out the photos from the night and the respected artists’ work & shows when you have the chance.

Review written by Aidan Hicks

Noah Cyrus

Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2022 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2022 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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