Noah Kahan @ Jacobs Pavilion

Noah Kahan brought his Stick Season Tour to Cleveland, OH on June 22, 2023. Playing at Jacobs Pavilion & supported by Joy Oladokun, it was a magical evening.

Joy Oladokun

We collect mementos as reminders of where we’ve been and what we’ve done. We scrapbook our journeys in photo albums on dusty shelves or in the infinite cloud camera rolls on our phones. Joy Oladokun documents her life in songs. For as much as she examines her place in the world as the first-generation daughter of Nigerian immigrants and a proud queer Black person, she also celebrates the little details and the simple pleasures of being alive. Of course, the narrator’s humble demeanor belies the gravity of her extraordinary accomplishments thus far—from captivating audiences on sold out tours and late-night television to finding herself with a guitar in hand on the White House lawn in celebration of equality. Now, she takes stock of the trip so far on her highly anticipated forthcoming full-length album, Proof of Life [Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records].

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Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

Noah Kahan

As Noah Kahan changes, he casts those experiences onto songs like light through a film projector. At the core of the music’s upbeat energy and unfiltered lyrics, you’ll hear who he was before and who he became — almost in real-time. The Vermont singer still pens songs straight from the heart and still cracks jokes with his signature, self-deprecating sense of humor; he’s just changed in all of the right ways (and chronicled them via his songwriting). He gained that understanding through quite the journey from small town Vermont to global renown.

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Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

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