Phillip Phillips @ The Patio at Sloans

If y’all are hip to Denver radio, then you for sure know Alice 105.9. Slacker and Steve hosted a “Live at 5” with Phillip Phillips at The Patio @ Sloans on Friday July 21, 2023 in Denver, CO. It was FANTABULOUS.

Phillip Phillips

This was a great reminder of why I love Phillip’s music. An all acoustic very stripped down set = *chefs kiss*. Having just released a new album, ‘Drift Back,’ he gave us some new tunes & obviously played his big hits. It was a very intimate set & in between songs, we were able to ask him questions. Had I known, I would have come prepared because prior to this, I had been super out of the loop with him so I had no questions to ask, whoops.

However, since seeing him play this past Friday, his album has been on REPEAT. I’m telling you since covid, new music has been somewhat a source of anxiety. I’d listen to albums and songs I already knew as a sort of comfort (did the same thing with TV) and full albums haven’t really been catching my attention. However, this one is one of the albums that really just HITS. Puhhhhhhh-lease, if anything you get out of reading this: go spin that new album PRONTO.

OOOH, another note from the set is someone asked him to play ‘Raging Fire,’ which is my absolute FAVORITE song of his. He impromptu decided to play it & man, my heart was so full getting to scream sing along with him.

Phillip will be back playing at the Gothic in October so GET YO TICKETS, YA HEARD.

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